I'm bored in school, so I came up with weapon concepts!!

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Some new definitions need to be defined before I discuss these concepts

Piercing: weapons that ignore armor

Sludge: A new type of projectile that sticks to enemies and traps, eating flesh and slowing down the activation time of a trap

Magna Flail- A weapon designed by the French embassy in order to destroy advanced tech with extreme volts of electricity.

Range: 2 Blocks

Damage Type: Crushing

Windup time: 1.25 seconds

Recall Time: 0.25+0.25 for every block travelled

Purpose: A long ranged retractable melee designed to take things out at a moderate distance without sacrificing the retrieval of ammo.

Acid Ejector- A vile weapon designed by a rogue Epilda clone moments before death by radiation poisoning

Range: 3 blocks, minor upward arc

Damage type: Piercing, kills guards in 6 seconds after being covered

Ammo capacity: 10 seconds of continuous firing

Purpose: Ability to slow down melee/traps enemies and eat away health while ignoring armor.

Special Interaction: Incinerator causes acid from the acid ejector to rapidly combust, turning into napalm for three seconds before disappearing as well as making guards covered in sludge to blow up.

Repulser- An archaic precursor to the arc barrier, fast-acting magnetic shield developed by Canadian engineers to protect the country after the recent encroachment of the United States into their territory.

Perfect block time: 0.33 seconds

Shield Timer: 0.5 second

Recharge time: 4 seconds

Specialty: can reflect bombs: bolts, acid globs, melee attacks, plasma shots/beams.

Purpose: A new, high risk high reward defensive weapon that incentivizes perfect blocks to their absolute extreme, allowing intriguing usage by reflecting projectiles and using a individual’s guard placement or trap design against them.

That’s all for right now, If I come up with more I will be sure to write another discussion for concepts.

Good Day/Night MYM community <3

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    I would post this in the feedback section. (unlike some games, that area gets as much or more traffic compared to general discussion) There are some interesting concepts here. My question is what happens when Acid ejector uses up it's 10 seconds of firing? Is there no way to recharge the weapon. Also, is this weapon only effective against guards or does it work on traps too?

    When designing weapons you have to consider the role of previous weapons. How would the new weapon fit into the world? Does it make a current weapon obsolete? How does the Magna Flail compare to the Sledgeblade? Would it make it worthless? Because it sounds like they kind of share a role. The Sledgeblade is the slower melee weapon that breaks armor and has increased lunge. This sounds like a Sledgeblade with less risk.

    Of all the ideas you've presented, I like the repulser the best. It feels like it has the clearest identity, a unique place in the game, and seems reasonably balanced. The numbers might need tweaking for balance reasons. But the concept of a shield with a smaller activation window and shorter shield effect but gains increased offensive capability seems good.

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    For clarification on Dreamnomad's questions, the Acid Ejector is usable on trap but does not destroy them, they remain in a permanent gunk state that slows the activation timer of the trap so it its more so a guard clearer with a bonus utility. The Magna Flail has no lunge, instead opting for a pseudo projectile that is connected via an electromagnetic tether. I do agree that the Sledgeblade and Magna Flail do fit a similar niche but the Magna Flair has a larger windup time than the Sledgeblade, as well as having the ability to destroy multiple traps at once (the only weapon currently able to do this is the Demo Cannon) as well as the ball having physics very similar to a Demo Cannons shot, allowing unique arc shots to occur with the weapon despite it not being a ranged weapon. Another unique thing that I can bring up that is related to the weapon list is that the Repulser is a directional shield, rather than a completely spherical shield like the Arc Barrier.