Not receiving resources found in raids.

Meat_Maker Member Posts: 2

I have run into the issue quite often since the Shattered Peak update, and for the past week or so, it's been constant. Upon completing a raid, I've found that I get only the standard reward resources for the base (45/60/75 parts or synthite). Nothing found during the raid, such as drops from destroyed traps or forsaken tombs, gets counted. Consequently, running a raid with a parts reward results in gaining NO synthite, regardless of how much is found in tombs or dropped from traps.

I encourage you to take a look at this soon, as it makes synthite so rare that base-building is a complete non-starter.

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  • slimnonny
    slimnonny Member Posts: 1

    Yes please look at this multiple raids in a row an no synthite drops, what's worse is trying to increase my synthite I buy the 15% boost before I realize the already hard to obtain resource is not even being accounted for. Very frustrating...

  • Oldman79
    Oldman79 Member Posts: 9

    I've noticed that as well. It's extremely frustrating! Synthite is already grossly neglected in my opinion! I have every upgrade to buy and at the moment I have more than 70k Cells, 50k parts, but always have to grind for synthite. Always....

    And yet somehow BHVR still think that the tiny tiny improvements they'd made is enough? The amounts rewarded should be the other way around...

    500 synthite and 250 parts and cells..

    And now the synthite even bug out?

    C'mon BHVR...

    I had a long break from the game because I legitimately had a burnout from grinding synthite all the time, and then I return to this?