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    Just the good stuff version.

    Hello Reddit! Thank you to everyone who participated in the AMA, such a great turnout! We are so lucky to have such a passionate and committed community! We have compiled a list of some of the questions and answers from the AMA to be easily accessed here. The AMA will stay up so you can explore the entire group of questions and answers.

    Q -Would you guys ever consider giving custodians the ability to upgrade Harvey? Like letting him walk through holocubes or up vertical walls?

    A - Our feature backlog is full of things we would love to add to the game, but the reality is we cannot do it all. Currently we don't have plans for Harvester upgrades, but we do have other surprises we can't wait to talk about.

    Q - Are there already other things planned to keep player retention in the end game?

    A - Addressing your concern about Expeditions first: We want it to feel engaging and rewarding, so we will monitor player feedback and balance progression & rewards accordingly. As for other things planned, we do, and we'll talk about that in the near future. That being said, as of Sector 3 Expeditions will also be updated every month.

    Q - Will the Expedition mode be Multiplayer compatible similarly to how we can raid or build an outpost with 1 friend?

    A - Yes, it will be playable in coop. Just like the current way of raiding, the host will be able to decide which Outpost to Raid. Building will remain the same.

    Q - Do we have any details on new Hardware or Weapons for future updates?

    A - Not to announce today, sorry!

    But bear in mind that when Expeditions drops your going to get the Enhancements to play with -each one will upgrade and supercharge the player, the weapons, hardware and even the Custodian's navigation. We'll carry on our weapons research and update you as soon as possible.

    Q - Do you plan to put the lore for this game front and center anytime soon?

    A - We're adding lore onto all the reward items that will be earned through expeditions. So at least more of it will now surface outside the Codex.

    It would be so great to be able to push it even more, but it's not in our current plans.

    Q - Do you guys have any plans to give melee some love in the future?

    A - We are always looking to improve!

    We just did a pass on melee to increase the lunge speed to allow raiders to get out of the lunge speed animation faster. In the next update we've also made the Incinerator damage over time so you now have a small window to reach that trap before being melted into oblivion.

    Upcoming, there are also melee specific Enhancements too!

    Q - Is there perhaps a chance we can get more precise descriptions of what addons do? For example, how many blocks does eagle eye/ocular implant increase?

    A- It's always a fine line between giving too little or too much information. Sometimes too much information can overwhelm new players. But we'll take a look again. We felt that the trap range preview feature in building mode gave precise visualizations about how far traps can see.

    Q- When will we be getting more block shapes?

    A- Despite these being a very cool idea there are no current plans to add new block shapes. Managing our art budgets to keep everyone with a playable experience means that sometimes what seem like simple additions have large impacts on performance.

    It's something we would love to look into in the future.

    Q- Will future seasons solely focus on giving us more tools (raiding, building, defending, cosmetics ...) or are you also considering changing periodically the "meta" by playing with things like speed, distances and activations times ?

    A- We have a big "meta" change coming up with the addition of Enhancements. We are confident this will shake up how the game is currently played. So we definitely expect future changes to be required to keep it all balanced.

    And then we have other things planned 😊

    Q- Would a new rule for Coop be possible?

    A- We have tried to make coop as accessible and fun for the broadest range of players and skill levels possible which is why it is so open.

    With that known, we do understand that some duo's are seeking a greater challenge in their coop raids and we are looking at this now.

    Q- Will the leaver in sanctuary ever have a use again?

    A- Do NOT pull the lever.It would shut down the Sanctuary, kill the Pentekath, HRV, the Chimera and most probably the Custodian. (although this has not yet been tested) - The Chimera

    Q- Have you considered creating an Upgrade Tree for weapons that allows players to have different builds by using the same weapons?

    A- Mixing and matching your loadout in raiding is definitely an area we are looking at.

    We decided to create the Enhancement system to address this as the Enhancements not only allow you to boost and tweak the weapons but all aspects of the raiding experience.


    A- Apparently, you can "pet" Harvey with a Sledgeblade to great effect.Or so a friend told me.- A friend

    Q- W****hat's the hardest part of creating the idle ambient sounds from Guards and Decorations? And specifically for the new guard which has a dash attack, was the audio of the attack recorded before the concept of the attack was made or the audio was recorded after the concept of the attack was made?

    A- In the whole game, the trickiest part is to fit the new elements into the ongoing and evolving audio. Idle SFX and VO need to be audible within the existing audio spectrum and have a particular identity to provide feedback to players.

    Regarding the dash attack, the concept and art were created first, and then we worked on it. But there was a back and forth as the dash evolved and VFX came in at one point so it was a multi-levelled approach.

    Q- Any plans for something like a seasonal battlepass or reward track with unlockable decorations, skins, maybe charms, and the like?

    A- Yes, Expeditions will include a seasonal reward track that includes Enhancements, Currency, Decals, Cosmetics etc.

    There aren't any paid skips/shortcuts, it will all be part of the normal Expeditions loop. 

    Once Sector 3 begins, we plan to have the reward track expand with a new set of rewards each month. We've got some really cool cosmetics and enhancements in the works so looking forward to players getting their hands on them!

    Q- Are there any strategies for getting new players interested, or getting returning players back in the game, that we haven't seen yet?

    A- Adding Expeditions is the first big divergence from the Sector content updates / demos / sales etc. we've had so far. We collected a lot of feedback through our surveys, playtests, community that goals, meaningful choices, and rewards were a key opportunity to improve the game, and Expeditions was designed to help those areas.

    We've got other updates cooking that we can't get into details on yet, but similarly intended to expand core parts of the game and add more variety to the experience.

    Q- Every time a major patch releases, capacity costs and danger rating changes break many of my bases. What plans does the team have to preserve the integrity of bases going forward?

    A- We heard this feedback around capacity costs loud and clear, and definitely understand pushing builds over capacity was a huge pain point. We had a number of inconsistencies with capacity costs, and issues with Danger Score calculations under the hood, so this was warranted but happening too frequently and without enough notice/communication.

    Moving forward, we don't plan for capacity costs to change except in exceptional circumstances. This policy was already in place for Season 2, where we did not have any capacity cost changes. We'll attempt to keep these stable and balance with 'non-breaking' values from here wherever possible. 

    Specific danger score brackets are harder to guarantee, we've got a big change to difficulty with the dynamic skull rating being enabled in the mid-sector update, and as this is brand new it will likely need some tweaking to get just right. This won't affect the Normal/Dangerous/Brutal 'Danger Score' brackets as we know them today, but its certainly possible we'll need to make adjustments to either system that could change categorization.

    Q- W****ill there be future Custodian or weapon skins to gain by playing after these Expeditions come out?

    A- Yes! Expeditions will feature a reward track that lets players earn cosmetics, decals, currencies etc. as they complete regions. We'll be adding new rewards regularly and giving players the chance to collect rewards that they may have missed as well. Really excited to get these out into the wild because the skins are looking awesome.

    Q-Would you put in a system that directs bases to users based on a high accolade score?

    A- Giving players more tools to find the types of outposts they want to play, and better surfacing and categorizing great builds of all kinds is something we are working towards.

    We've seen really good response to the Pantheon of Builders program, and it's validated a lot about the approach we want to take. Accolades will definitely play a role here.

    Q- Why is there so little communication coming from the dev team?

    A- We love communicating with everyone as much as we can. Obviously there's a lot going on in development - but we hear you. Let's communicate more!

    Q- Despite the dwindling player count, do you still have plans to continue development in the far future?

    A- Our biggest active player base is currently on Consoles; Steam is a smaller fraction of the total amount of active players. At the moment, the intended experience of Meet Your Maker is still very much alive (outpost variety and buidlers getting raided). 

    We'll continue updating and supporting the game for as long as it makes sense. If this stops (making sense) and we have to move to other things, we want to make sure we leave Meet Your Maker in the best possible state.

    Q- Are there any plans to introduce random matchmaking for Raiders?

    A- This is something we've been discussing as part of our feature backlog. At the moment, our priorities are on the upcoming Expeditions update and Sector 03, so no plans regarding random matchmaking in the near future.

    Q- Do the devs ever see a pathway for people that only want to focus on building and watching replays to enjoy the game?

    A- We would love to be able to support this but there are obvious issues that develop unbalancing the core game. With too many outposts and not enough raids, no one gets raided any more.

    We need both parts of the game, building and raiding to work together.

    However, we are looking at ideas to improve the social raiding side of the game and ideas around that. Social raiding doesn't require the grind to keep outposts online so it's an area we are looking at.

    Q- Which part of the player's toolkit are you looking to expand next?

    A- With the upcoming addition of Enhancements, we're expecting a big change in how Raiders overcome difficult Outposts... or just come up with fun new ways to die.

    We have other things in the plan, notably a new Sector. More on that, and other things, to come.

    Q- Are there any plans to address the imbalance between raiders versus builders?

    A- We have always wanted to support both arty, fun and brutal outposts. That's why we reward for both kills and accolades. It is true that recently we have looked at certain outpost meta builds and tried to find ways to make them more balanced.

    We feel there are still so many ways to create deadly Outposts and the new difficulty system will now categorize this content and the ranking point boost will reward players for tackling this content.

    Q- Are there any plans to make running and completing harder outposts more worthwhile?

    A- With the new difficulty system you will soon earn more Ranking Points for running more difficult Outposts. Regarding resource rewards - we'll keep an eye on how the meta is changing regarding resource gathering and make adjustments as appropriate.