Expeditions 2.0

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I'm really excited about the new expeditions. It is much more engaging and rewarding than the old system. It feels really good having that immediate gratification with rewards constantly coming too. The rewards are great. Extra resources and enhancements are nice.

With all that said, I do have some notes. I would like to be able to jump between different difficulties. I don't like that once I start an expedition, I'm stuck in that difficulty for a substantial amount of time. I also don't like that you don't really have the option to change outposts on expeditions. At least give me a couple outposts to choose from per node. I feel like this is going to make more raiders abandon outposts that they wouldn't have chosen to do in the first place.

I also feel that the expedition rewards for the different difficulties is not balanced correctly. You get 100 expedition points for normal, 150 for dangerous and 200 for brutal. But anyone who has played this game for any length of time knows you can easily clear 3 or more normal outposts in the time it takes to do a properly brutal outpost. Meaning on average, if you breeze through normal or dangerous maps you will gain more progress for the seasonal expedition rewards than if you run through brutals.

How does everyone else feel about expeditions?

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    You are in fact able to jump between different difficulties. By default when you open the command center, your last used expedition map will show up. But you can at any time press ESC (or whatever the equivalent of that is on console) to go back to the overview where you can select another difficulty.

  • j4p_was_here
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    I do like the expedition as well...but i would like to get the old system back , since we can freely choose the raid and difficult we want.

    expeditions as an alternative is nice

    To be honest if i have to pick raids i don't want to play (based on difficult/ clear rewards ) just to get a certain reward , i think i stop raiding sooner or later.

    For example... the brutal list shows only raids with parts as reward, the only synthit reward raid leads to a hardware mod i dont want.

  • MateoKiszlo
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    First of all - great update. Secondly - loading times have become unbearably long (I'm talking about loading the Expeditions map). I thought it was just me, but I saw the same thing on your stream.

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    Load times are definitely an issue. I've noticed it seems better today than yesterday though.

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    Until I see some form of the old system come back and expeditions made optional, I will not be returning to this game.

    It is unacceptable to me that I have to load a base I have no intentions of running so I can abandon it. It's a waste of time that can be better spent playing a game that respects my time better.