Co-op season pass progress not extending to joined player

Leo5064 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

My friend is not receiving progress on their seasons expedition pass progress when they enter and help me. Makes it hard to convince them to play with me. Specifically when we beat a whole expedition I as the host get to level up and claim rewards on the pass but they are still at level 0.

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  • Havvak
    Havvak Member Posts: 21

    This is especially upsetting since it seems like expedition rewards were supposed to be shared since all the stuff during the expedition is given to both players.

  • TragicSolitude
    TragicSolitude Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 6,626

    Yes, I've experienced this as well. Once my friend and I noticed this, we just turned the game off. Definitely not worth playing through the constant crashing when only one of us is earning the main Expedition rewards.