Grapple no longer releases instantly if our feet are near the ground

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Prior to the expeditions update a couple days ago, if we grappled the ground and slid across it, the grapple would release instantly when it fully retracted. Now there is a delay before it releases, in the realm of 200 milliseconds, which is jarring and slows us down.

The grapple also used to release instantly if our feet left the ground, but were touching or very close to touching again before the grapple fully retracted.

For example, when approaching an incline ramp we could grapple the ramp or the wall next to the ramp, leave the ground, touch the ground again at the ramp, and this would be sufficient to make the grapple release instantly when it finished retracting. There is an example of this from 0:43 to 0:45 in this video. Notice there is a camera shake, but there is no halt in actual movement.

Another example: from 0:04 to 0:06 in the same video, you can see I grappled the wall and let it reel all the way in, and the grapple released immediately when it fully retracted. I did not manually release the grapple here. My feet were close enough to the ground to make the grapple release instantly, but not quite touching the ground because the instant release preserved my momentum and sent me flying rightward to finally land in the middle of the corridor. When I repeat the same movement today, there is a delay before the grapple releases, which kills my momentum.

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