Brutal outposts are turning into 0.5 skull normals

HellDiguner Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 6

Since expeditions launched, we've been finding 0.5 skull outposts that clearly shouldn't be that low.

I managed to catch a video of this happening to my own outpost. I have some timestamps in the video description.

This outpost had one "cycle" of being the correct difficulty post-update. I loaded it up, altered some things, activated it, then it became exhausted.

Then today, I loaded it up, altered some decals, and the outpost dropped to 0.5 skulls. I've tried to make it reevaluate a few different ways, and it just won't go back to brutal.

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  • Annarki
    Annarki Member Posts: 2

    Have noticed the same outpost difficultly error on multiple "normal" outposts.

  • Jackerino
    Jackerino Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    I'm trying to do Normal Expeditions, but it's constantly giving me impossible and ridiculously strong Killboxes that I can't beat. I ironically have to pick higher difficulty Expeditions to NOT get killboxes.

  • WesClayton
    WesClayton Member Posts: 31

    Yeah seems like the hardest maps Iv ran into have been 0.5 skull since this update

  • MadameExotine
    MadameExotine Member Posts: 161
    edited November 2023

    It's not just for normal 0.5skull outposts. I think the bug happens all over, coding 4~5 skull brutals as much lower. I just played this 1.5 skull supposedly "dangerous" outpost which is clearly a 4.5~5 skull brutal in disguise:

    I've heard there was a back-end fix for this yesterday, but I got this base just now, November 5th, 2023

    (I am 30 sec afk at beginning of map)

  • Annarki
    Annarki Member Posts: 2

    Still an major issue.

    Ran a "normal" expedition and 75% of the outposts were .5 skull rating, yet having enough firepower to eradicate a planet.

    Even after abandoning the obvious outposts with .5 incorrect rating, it gets replacex with another one.

    At this point, there is absolutely no reason to attempt "normal" expeditions unless you just want to waste your time and get frustrated. People KNOW this is an issue yet are heavy loading on purpose to get the .5 skull glitch.


  • LancerEcho
    LancerEcho Member Posts: 13
    edited November 2023

    Same issue. This one is on my social for now till it's fixed (Lancer Echo) and while far from hard, it definitely isn't a 0.5 normal.

  • Oldman79
    Oldman79 Member Posts: 9

    I have a fix for this.

    First, deactivate your base.

    Then block Harveys path and exit the base.

    Enter again and remove the block.

    The proper difficulty rating will now be recalculated, and you can activate it again with the right difficulty.

    Just follow these steps again if it drops back down.