1.5hour Brutal Expedition for ~250 rank/~200 season, or 10min Nightmare for ~300 rank/~150 season

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Been here since Closed Beta. 100's of hours.

Today, I spent 1.5 hours today playing some really hard Brutal bases and finishing one Brutal Expedition. I enjoyed it.

At the end of it, I got ~250 Rank points, and 200 Season Pass points.

Then, I finished TWO Nightmare Expeditions in 20 minutes and got ~600+ rank points as well as 300 Season Pass points.

I want the Master Rank cosmetics.

I want the Season Pass cosmetics.

I did not enjoy the Nightmare Expeditions, but I feel forced to play them if I want to actually have enough time to get all the cosmetics. I was not rewarded, at all for playing that Brutal Expedition.

If the game continues to incentivize playing like this, and it remains the only reasonable way to farm Rank and Cosmetics, I'll probably quit the game, which sucks because it has so much potential.


  • Dreamnomad
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    If you are having fun playing brutal but you aren't having fun playing dangerous then the obvious choice is to play brutal. You act like you need to get the entire expedition rewards done by tomorrow. You have time.

  • Gruffers
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    There's also the Master Rank cosmetics which would take far, far far longer at that rate (if it all even possible), and again, in addition to all that, the fact that the game incentivizes speedrunning to gain rewards is bad for the game in general.

    There's a lot of content in the game that simply doesn't reward the player proportional to difficulty and time spent. That's bad game design. Someone who spends 1.5 hours beating one Brutal Expedition shouldn't be rewarded considerably less than someone who spends 20 minutes playing two Nightmare Expeditions.

  • eyedeeoneohtee
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    It's a problem for builders as well as raiders. Brutal outposts aren't getting as many raids as they really should because for raiders the reward isn't worth the effort.

  • Gruffers
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    I hadn't considered that, since I don't build much, but that's a good point. As much as I hate "Dailies" and things like that, at least I could get the Master Rank and Season pass stuff while playing Brutal Expeditions with a system like that.