Holocube bug - Friendly trigger, come back to map and 2nd wave bugs

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Hello team,

Hope you are doing well. Since a while I have observed a bug with the holocubes. I will detail the issues I saw down here:

First wave issues:

  • When a trap is friendly firing the holocube, it still block the line of sight of traps. It works with all traps.
  • Sometimes, raider's projectiles triggering the holo will bug the holocube and block the line of sight of traps.
  • When a player is coming back to a map he played, traps can see through both 1st and 2nd wave.

2nd wave issue:

  • I'm on steam, and it looks like it's only appearing with console players (can't tell which one). 2nd wave holocubes let the line of sight of traps getting through, meaning that traps with no second wave will trigger.
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