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Hello everyone, I'm the HydShore user today I'm here after sharing my idea of 2 new biomes with the community. Here I am coming back to you to point out something that I think we would all like to have first and then, that is, improvement of the editor mode. Having said that, I have put down three points that are fundamental for me but if you have something to add, feel free to add it below in the comments

▪︎1. It would be nice not to have the map editor occupied by already existing blocks


▪︎2. I would like to have no limitations in adding traps & blocks but above all I would like to decide where to put the MITGEN on the map.


▪︎3. Having access to more scenario objects to make the biome something unique and not too standardized in editor mode if it were possible in my opinion.


▪︎4. One thing I would really appreciate in editor mode is being able to customize the name of the map and add a description


▪︎5. Having the possibility of better camouflaging the orographic cubes by camouflaging them with the walls next to them, I alternatively have the possibility of attaching environmental decorations on them so as not to be immediately identified and creating more tension and attention in the exploration of a dounge and finally having the possibility that the harvester chimneys on orographic cubes to give a feeling of deception when creating hidden traps..


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    1. I'm not really quite sure what you mean by this. Can you elaborate?
    2. This is really two separate points. I think there needs to be some limits on building. If everyone was good faith builders it would be one thing but time has proven this to not be the case. I do think it would be cool if "no limits" was an option for social raiding. I also proposed an idea for special building plots: This would allow builders to go crazy with building but still have reasonable limits for guards/traps. As to your other point, I'm not sure about that. Again, if we were to assume that everyone is a good faith builder it shouldn't be a problem. But you always have to ask the question "what if someone tried to abuse this?". At the very least they would have to have a valid HRV path still. An argument could also be made that you could just buy another plot if you don't like where your genmat is.
    3. I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you talking about the environment that exists outside the build area?
    4. I don't think this is a good idea. There are already too many players that do juvenile things with building genitals or curse words or whatever. I'm in favor of decals that give builders more options to communicate with raiders though.
    5. I'm actually strongly against this. As a raider there should be rules about what is safe or unsafe. Unpainted or undecorated bedrock is unsafe. If literally anything could disappear and turn into a trap then what is the raider to trust? How do you learn to play around that? You can't. Are raiders expected to shoot literally every block in an outpost to see if it is a holocube? That's ridiculous. Holocubes are already extremely powerful. No change needed imho.