Every Large base crashes co-op

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I can't go to large bases in co-op. They crash the game every single time. I have to ditch my friend, go in alone, and then leave and abandon the base to get a new one. There's no guarantee the new one won't also be a large base. I got three large bases in a row last time before finally just doing it myself and then inviting my friend.

One of the bases had almost nothing. The path was less than 60m and it had almost no traps, but it was large so it crashed the game.

This sucks.

Platforms: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro

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    TragicSolitude Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 6,626
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    I have now had this happen with a small base. Tried entering it twice in co-op: it crashed both times. Chouteau by Androlus is a small base with only 7 guards and 15 traps (11 of them Boltshots). It is a long base at 261m, but it's still only a small.

    It's really not fun that the game is so unstable. The more I play, the more it feels like a chore: having to constantly restart the game, having to kick my friend if the next base is a large just so I can go in and abandon it. It'll randomly freeze when loading into a base, and it'll either crash on its own or it'll be stuck until I close the game manually, at which point it'll hang and then finally crash.

    Edit: A base with a large number of enemies took an extremely long time to load, and then the frame drops and stuttering were so bad it was unplayable for my friend. He was on his way out with the GenMat when the game suddenly teleported him into an acid pit and then crashed. He quit after that. He was begrudgingly putting up with the miserable new Spontaneous Corrosive Cube mod, but he's had it with dying to performance issues. Before the Expedition track, I at least had some choice, I would've had a better chance at sticking to smaller bases. Co-op has always had performance issues, but this is beyond what's reasonable. We tried to play through the issues to work on earning the Expedition rewards, but it's not worth this. My friend is frustrated enough he's having absolutely no fun. He's probably going to uninstall MYM and if he does I'll follow. The fun was raiding together.

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