Patch Notes 11/14 (Spontaneous mod nerf thank god)

If the only thing this patch did was nerf Spontaneous then I would rate it as a fantastic patch. But it also fixed the decals that were switching to Light's End 1. So now we can actually use those pretty snow, ice, and hazardous orange decals.


  • BGardiner_BHVR
    BGardiner_BHVR Member, Mod, Dev, Community Manager, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 67

    I'm glad that we were able to patch out the issue that caused decals to copy as Light's End 1 so quickly. Thanks to the community for reporting it!

    -Brandon, Community Manager

  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,560

    Lol, that bug was annoying but a little bit amusing too. I had this fantastic icy map. When I saw the snow decal I was super excited and went back to cover everything with snow. Next time I logged in, it looked like the circus came to town! I had something like 700 snow decals turned into lights end decals over night. Fortunately, I didn't have to erase them individually.