Sector 3/4: Voltaic Outbreak

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Camera moves slowly down a hallway that is unmistakably the outpost of a custodian; the hallway is dark, bleak, and water can be heard leaking from pipes, steam rising in a few of them. We are looking through the eyes of the custodian.

Suddenly, a nightmarish-looking hand reaches out from the shadow and slashes. the custodian falls in a heap, visceral sounds erupting as he lays motionless. His eyes, still open, are seeing his last moments. A tattered robed figure walks out from the shadows. He is holding a staff in one hand, and his other hand is still bloody from disemboweling the unsuspecting custodian. He laughs slowly, menacingly. He taps the staff on the ground, and suddenly it begins to draw electricity from the air, gathering in intensity, until it culminates , and he thrusts it forward at the already dying custodian. In a flash of brilliant blue and white light, a kinetically-charged sphere is fired at the custodian. Convulsing from the overload of electricity surging through his body and from the first wound caused by the mage, he slowly dies, his eyes closing, finally. 

Prota: “We don’t know why or how it happened; one day a new threat appeared calling itself the Scarecrow…it caused havoc in outposts and sanctuaries. We were not prepared. In one night, the world suffered a catastrophic loss of life, and we are already an endangered species...

We thought we were doing the right thing by feeding the chimera host DNA…little did we know that we were creating, nurturing, a far more sinister creature than we could have ever known.

Yesterday we were looking for a cure. Today, we fight against a new enemy while still trying to ensure the survival of humanity.”

Voltaic Outbreak!

-Introduction of Arcane "Magic" wielded by MyM's first mage-like entity, the Scarecrow. He is the start of something bigger within the MyM universe. (the campaign story line has us fighting his constructs and ultimately facing him in a showdown that ends with the birth of Custodian Classes)

-While some question his actual feats such as he does not actually have magic, but rather has harnessed electricity in ways that make it appear he is wielding it, when all he really is doing is guiding it, albeit in very surprisingly clever ways.

-The Scarecrow is the first chimera of more to come from sanctuaries that betrayed the chimera project and went rogue.

-Each chimera in future sectors share similar origin stories and have linearity to their design.

-For this sector update, the introduction of INDUCTION, is warranted. Scarecrow's arrival means the addition of electrical components within the MyM universe all meant to kill our unsuspecting raiders, including blocks that conduct electricity, chain-linked gates (which fall in the prop category but when built upon outposts visibly appear as actual gates that can encompass areas unlike current props that are all bound to a block's face), fences (iron, steel, copper, etc), doors (with various opening mechanics, like traditional hinge doors, all the way to wooshing doors like in the Metroid series) and many, many new elements that arrive to the platformer which essentially points MyM down a very "real" path to base-building and raiding-style sandboxes.

-I have many concepts that if this can be an acceptable direction to take the game would really flourish.

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