Corrosive cube second wave with spontaneous insane frame rate drop

rugalb666 Member Posts: 5

As if the spontaneous mod was not a bad enough idea as it is, some people are starting to exploit the fact that putting a large amount of second waves cube with this god forsaken mod causes massive framerate drop when the raider grabs the genmat rendering game uncontrollable for several seconds in which you will get killed by a bunch of second wave trap.

This mod has ruined raiding and this game is no longer fun


  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,560

    Spontaneous is a problem. Less so than it used to be. But yes, still a problem. I'd recommend abandoning outposts that abuse this and possibly blocking them so you don't run into their outposts in the future. The nice thing about this game having a relatively small community is that blocking is more effective. If you block enough builders that you don't like then eventually you'll only be left with ones you do like.

  • Solo6490
    Solo6490 Member Posts: 3

    They shouldn't be able to shoot through a cube next to it (double stacking the cubes).

    Or give me a raider mod called "Athletes' foot" that prevents me from taking corrosive damage that I'm standing on.