Things I would like to see for MYM (long list)

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Just a few things I would like to see.

Multiple Decal Rewards- Basically larger 2x2 or 3x3 images (cool stuff like a cat hanging from a tree telling you to "hang in there") in the form of decals to collect for various tasks. These can be longer term quest/rewards.

Co-op Matchmaking- In addition you could add a 4th category of bases that is only for duos. Make it hard and make it rewarding for going big!

Community Expeditions-Voted by the community or Devs; a weekly Expedition of really cool builds that showcase the best of MYM. Weekly reward for doing so, like 750 Synth or a Random Free Outpost to build. Builders who get showcased get a cool decal to show off in future builds.

Mods QoL- Mods need the ability to be recycled for other resources and a basic version craftable (hardware advisor). You can make it to fuse 3 of a lower tier to up to the next higher tier.

Recycling Unwanted Outposts- Sometimes I get a crummy roll on the blocks in a new outpost, let me recycle it and get at least half of what I paid for it. I feel Forced to use a bad outpost plot.

Currency Exchange- Not a 1:1 but something. It hurts me every time I get rewarded cells and I am maxed out (100,00) on cells and they go off to nowhere. Parts are not as bad but I still have much more than needed. Synth is actually feeling ok for once. With an Exchange I dont think Synth would need anymore increases.

Builder Ui-Needs an overhaul; the Decals page its particularly bad for scrolling. Maybe add a radial wheel with favorite or recently used blocks.

Statue Blocks- Cosmetic rewards mostly but could used as a distraction. Golden Guard Rewards anyone?

Chimera Progression- Been at level 100 since like week 3, add new Chimeras for me to level (each could have a cool passive) or up the level to like 1000, that should keep me going for a while. And A decal for hitting Max.

Wave to the Builder/Accolades- This is a nice way to interact with people through replays. During a raid the Raider has a few limited times to wave/emote/point during a raid (can be killed during it so watch out) which adds a mark to the replay as well as the replay list to grab the builders attention. Some of use nod up and down after a raid to signify "approval" or "good job", this is a more built in method. I would also like to see this integrated with accolades as giving the accolade during the raid (and marking it in the replay) is more impactful to the builder when they watch it back.

Harvey- I NEED to be able to pet him both in raid and at my base. And how does my boy not have all kinds of cool skins? Hunchback of Notre Dame; Igor, a Turtle, Freaky Ice Cream Truck. Also need a temp debuff for killing him or reward for keeping him alive.

New Rewards Types- Statues/portraits for your personal base; A little houses for Harvey, advisor outfits, guard skins. Plus a few of the things I have already mentioned (A Free Outpost or Prestige, Harvey Skins, Larger Decals, Outpost Statues, New Chimeras)

Tombs- Are feeling a bit pointless these days, but here me out on this...along with loot turn them into switches. You still need a valid Harvey path but add a mod to the Holo cube that only activates the cube once a tomb is destroyed. This can open a new pathway that is easier/harder, reveal a trap or just send every guard in the base(if they have the Bloodlust mod on). Not necessary for a base but more experienced builders will have fun with it.

Advisors- I feel bad for these meat bags, but could I get a little more random screaming when I process them.

Thanks for Reading.


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    That is a long list. You weren't lying.

    Huge Decals - I don't have a problem with these in theory. They could make particularly cool decals that are extra large. I would say that they are less practical than a one block size decal. Therefore less likely to be used and as you point out lower in your list, as the number of decals increase the scroll time will continue to increase. I'd be fine with or without this.

    Co-op matchmaking - This is really two separate ideas. Co-op matchmaking in general I'm cool with. The idea of co-op only outposts is more problematic. In theory it could be fun and/or interesting. But in practice, how does it work? A builder designates the map as co-op only and is only available to co-op players? I don't know if splintering a small playerbase further is a good idea. I have seen outposts that were specifically designed for co-op before though. Such as race outposts where each raider has their own entrance and the route to the gen mat is the mirrored and the raiders race to the gen mat. I suppose it would be kind of cool if that outpost only had co-op raiders. My main concern would just be the balance of number of raids between co-op and non-coop maps. As long as everyone gets the same amount of raids then I'm good with it.

    Community Expeditions - This is probably my favorite idea you've mentioned. Really, anything that promotes awesome outposts and inspires players to build better outposts I'm a fan of. You should make a separate post for this idea alone as it merits more in depth discussion.

    Mods QoL - You'll need to elaborate on this one. What mods are you talking about? Enhancements? Mods in this game refer to traps. Spontaneous is a mod of corrosive cubes for example.

    Recycling Unwanted Outposts - This is an issue that effects newer players so my opinion is probably not relevant to most players. I have enough synthite that I can just freely delete bad plots and not be an issue. But for people with less play time this could be very relevant. I think this game definitely suffers from new players finding the game frustrating so anything that makes things less frustrating for new players I'm all for. Let people get 50% synthite refunded when deleting an outpost. What does it hurt?

    I'll address the rest of them later.

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    Sorry I meant Enhancements not Mods for that bit about infusion. Basically a way to level up Enhancements to higher level.

    Thank you for your feedback though.

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    Currency Exchange - I've had this thought from time to time. But after thinking about it, I've reached a different conclusion. I think a better idea for a resource sink for cells is a tip system. Allow players to spend cells to tip builders or raiders that impress them. Spend 200 cells to give 100 synthite or parts respectively to great builders or raiders. This effectively is a currency exchange but you are exchanging your currency to give to another player. This allows players to reward each other in a more meaningful way than just accolades and a head nod while adding a much needed resource sink for the late game. This also incentives better base building and raiding practices. Now it would be possible to earn more resources by building a really fun base as opposed to one purely designed to kill.

    Builder UI - Couldn't agree more. I think a very simple and low hanging fruit is to add a "hide unused" button. Then you can quickly find decals, props, and blocks you've already used.

    Statue Blocks - I love it! I think using statue blocks would have to replace an entire pack though. So that the game will only have to load a limited amount of assets. But if they can make it so a statue replaces a prop slot then I'm all for it.

    Chimera Progression - I like the idea of increasing the level limit of the Chimera and adding a reward every 100 levels. My Chimera would probably be level 2000 if there wasn't a limit =p

    Wave to the Builder - Great idea. I'd love a "thumbs up" emote.

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    HRV - I don't personally care if players can pet Harvey or not. Lore wise I don't think he meant to be a "pet". I do like the idea of adding skins that can be purchased for Harvey though. Anything that lets players feel more unique and increases revenue for the game is a good thing.

    New Reward Types - sure. I think a lot of this could be paid content. Game is more profitable means a longer life span and more content.

    Tombs - Most of your stuff I can get behind. I strongly disagree with this idea though. If you could trust builders to not abuse things then sure. But the spontaneous mod already proved that builders can not be trusted. You need to think "what is the worst thing someone could do with this?". The obvious choice is to completely block off a tomb so that the level can not be completed. But even if that wasn't an option being forced to actually clear entire areas out to progress seems awful. I don't want to spend longer than necessary in a crappy kill box or going through someone's series of mazes. This is a hard pass for me.

    Advisors - umm, okay?