Incentives and higher value of loot

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Heyo, I'm new to the forum here and a lvl 24 - 27 custodian and I've got a couple ideas that might make the game more interesting.

For example, why not limit the amount of lives one gets for attempting a raid on champion outposts that could otherwise be placed in their own category on the board in the headquarters? If they run out of lives the champion outposts goes away and is replaced by a new one until it comes back to attempt again.

This I feel would also make room for higher value on loot drops. If there were a limit on how many lives you get it might make feel like you need to pay attention a lot more and that your attempts matter a lot more. So, why not increase the value of the loot that drops exponentially to make worth the time and effort put into completing the raid? I feel the same should go for the builder of said champion outposts but that's debatable.

Custodians could have consumables for both sides, builder and raider. Custodians could also have double to quadruple the amount of loot from the type of consumable they bring for completing the raid. Add consumables for both raiders and builders for their champion outposts that could enable the increased value of loot from both surviving with at least one life left or successfully running custodians out of lives in your champion outposts. Builders should get consumables that could help make their champion outposts even more dangerous or just get more loot.

So far those are all the ideas I have for the game, let me know what any of you guys think bcuz I know a lot of times ideas like these get shot down immediately but, maybe in time these ideas could be considered. Also, I hope I'm not copying anyone else's topic or thread, I just made this forum account not too long ago lol.


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    First of all, welcome to the forums. I'm not a 100% sure I follow what you are suggesting. What do you mean by "limit the amount of lives"? Are you suggesting that raiders shouldn't be able to attempt an outpost after dying a certain number of times? If so, then I'm against the idea. Raiders are already punished sufficiently for dying. It most importantly wastes the raiders time but they also lose any hardware consumed in previous runs. Raiders also lose some progress toward ranking up with each death. Plus no one likes dying and resetting the level anyway.

    I don't think increasing player frustration is a good idea for the games longevity. Plus this only further expands the gulf between the "have" and "have-nots". By that I mean the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I already have literally everything unlocked and for all intents and purposes, unlimited hardware. I can go into an outpost and afford to blow all my hardware freely. New players are scraping and saving those parts to unlock stuff and using hardware is much more punishing to them.

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    Fair enough, I guess I didn't think of the fact players would be frustrated even more. Well you've given me a new perspective of the game and I appreciate the time you took to view my post. I hope to come up with something cool later in the future then.

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    I am always hestitant to support an idea that make things 'harder' for the raider.

    We suffered a long period of player loss due to the game being 'too hard'.

    I understand the desire to put more value on the possibilty of failure, however thie live/die/repeat model is so common in first person shooter games it just seems to fit here.

    I often consider MYM a 'puzzle' game. All outposts have a solution, many have multiple. The fewer the solutions the more difficult they are to complete.

    Having endless lives will turn a 'skillbox' outpost into a game of 'Simon' or 'Memory' where the list of moves/actions to complete gets longer with each progess/death. The better the raidrs retenrion ability the easier it will be to defeat.

    To take that away endless lives would punish the raider and the builder (who typically seek as many kills as possible). To find/set a reward balanced to that may be difficult.