The daily challenges DIS-incentivise new loadouts!!

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Every day the challenge that gives me synthite (the only one I care about) asks me either to headshot guards or snipe guards.

This means that:

  1. I need to carry around the plasmabolt almost all the time, which I actually don't really like to do.
  2. I need to play outposts with lots of guards, when I usually prefer outposts with more traps and a few guards. (Although in Expeditions, I don't really get to choose the maps any more.)

But yeah, surely point 1 is achieving the opposite of what the challenges are supposed to do. I only get to play a couple of hours a day, and I seem to spend the whole time sniping.

Some ideas how to improve this:

  1. Mix up the challenges more. Stop tieing synthite to the sniping challenges!
  2. Have some challenges which encourage other loadouts, e.g. using swords, defensive weapons and hardware. Or challenges to NOT use hardware or defense. Hell "Complete 3 outposts with the Demolition Cannon" would at least be a change!
  3. Reduce the sniping challenges from 10 to 6, since they seem to take longer than the others.
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  • Dreamnomad
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    All valid points. It is funny how players priorities change during the game. When you start out, it's all about parts. Generally cells aren't too much of an issue. You tend to earn enough for unlocks but parts are the bottleneck. You need them for hardware too which is pretty necessary to take on higher difficulty outposts. But once a player eventually reaches the stage where everything is unlocked, parts suddenly become a non-issue. If all your parts go into hardware acquisition, it doesn't take long to reach a stage where you have more hardware then you can use. But a player can always use synthite to activate and buy outposts. That never goes away.

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    i agree the daily quest menu is really annoying because it forces me to try and snipe enemies when i don't even use the guns at all; and the ability to snipe enemies only shows up in very rare bases where you can get far enough away from an enemy to do so

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  • Cyba_Zero
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    ^^ This. I hate being told how to play, what to use, etc. Let me use what's most effective for a given base, or what I'm having fun with at the moment. Of particular annoyance is the 'use hardware' one, which to me reads 'waste resources for the sake of it' and usually takes me far longer to complete than any of the others (being on average one phoenix pod per base dropped on the genmat as insurance against wave 2).