MYM app Idea

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Heyo, just and idea for the future development of this game. I wish there could eventually be an app invented to be able to check up your outposts progress while you weren't home?

Nothing more than that, just be able to log in on your associated platform account and check up on the amount of kills your outposts has got, time or genmat depleted, amd maybe if you have enough synthite, recharge or prestige some to all of them.

What does everybody think about this idea for the future of the games development?

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  • Dreamnomad
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    I'd love it if they did something like this. Hard to see any downsides to it.

  • xIx_ZeNo_xIx
    xIx_ZeNo_xIx Member Posts: 24

    This idea would help with waking up for me personally because I can't just play games in the morning when I have responsibilities like making sure my child gets up for school or making breakfast and stuff and getting ready for work.

    I'd love to be able to check on my outposts immediately without having to wait through loading screens for up to 5 mins after turning the console on or starting up my computer.