Sealing Sacred Tombs needs to stop

xIx_ZeNo_xIx Member Posts: 24

Idk if I'm the only one who feels this way but when I want to harvest from a sacred tomb a lot of the time it is completely sealed by blocks and I find it very frustrating that I can't reap the benefits from something screaming at me behind a block that you can't get past.

Please fix this Behavior if it is something that needs fixed.


  • Dreamnomad
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    No one likes tombs being blocked other than the trolls blocking the tombs. I'm willing to give a player under level 10 a pass on this since it is possible they don't know what tombs are yet. But any player over level 10 who blocks tombs isn't going to get accolades from me and will likely be blocked. I'd recommend you do the same. There really isn't anything the devs can do about tomb blocking. If someone wants to make it impossible to get a tomb then they will.

    Some builders think raiders need to "earn" the tombs so one possibility is that the builder put in a second wave holocube or corrosive cube to block off the tomb so raiders can't get the tomb until they have got the gen mat. If you know exactly where the tomb is then it's worth revisiting after collecting the gen mat. If it is still impossible to collect then no accolades and block them.

  • xIx_ZeNo_xIx
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    Yea I understand, it's just so frustrating when you do go back to check on it just in case it was a holocube blocking it and it turns out they've simply built on top of it. Unless somehow ppl have figured out how to make a holocube have a skin, but, that's not a thing either lol

  • Cyba_Zero
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    The other one that I've noticed in my replays is that raiders tend to fixate on the chuffing sound the tombs make, going round and round where they can hear it and missing that the actual route to it starts somewhere else (this is particularly evident in my Philomath base despite the big arrows pointing to the two 'secret' entrances, which lead to a seldom used alternate genmat route via the tombs, which is actually the way I want raiders to go in because it's supposed to be a heist map).

  • xIx_ZeNo_xIx
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    I appreciate that you're one of the various many that actually show paths to tombs like that. I very much tend to wonder when there's no tell of arrows leading to tombs. I don't have much resources to begin with like other raiders so it's hard for me to keep my base(s) running and unlock new upgrades from all my advisors. I've been stuck with the same Ronn suit for a while now.

    I get that wanting to put blocks on top of tombs to make a better path is useful, but why cant they disable blocking the tombs? I'd say let us be able to move or place them wherever we feel but I'm sure that would be abused within between traps. It isn't very nice and to be honest I'm happy to abandon their raids but that just makes me feel like a poor sport at the same time and I don't like that either. It just feels like a double edged sword really.