New weapons and hardware ideas

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I've just begun to think of sweet weapon ideas and stuff like:

(Weapon)Devastator: Fires an explosive devise in a straight line that destroys traps and guards on impact within a large radius +upgrades. (Uses ammo, 1 shot +upgrades, ammo does not replenish)

(Weapon)Spread Shot: Fires 4 projectiles that spread out in horizontal/vertical lines via switch and can destroy multiple traps and guards. (Ammo replenishes itself via cooldown +upgrades, fires 1 time +upgrades)

(Hardware)Remote Landmine: Lay down an explosive devise that emits noise and lights to attract guards so you can remote detonate to destroy them along with nearby traps. (Carry 2 +enhancements)

(Hardware)Tele-Grenade: Throw a grenade that teleports in a straight line up to 50 meters, destroys traps and guards. (Carry 3 +enhancements, bounces before explosion)

I hope that these come to light in the game someday but if not oh well lol. Let me know what you guys think.

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