Being in a clan in this game could be fun.

I kind of wish this game had a clan to work together raiding and building. Could open up a whole new page on the command center. I could imagine clan battles as in how much better each clan does raiding vs building by totalling scores at the end of each raid. Idk how they'd calculate the differences besides comparing scores but, if this game gets enough popularity I believe they could make something outta this. Maybe even throw in certain cosmetics the entire clan could earn for winning or even participating. I don't this would be a bad idea but, it probably won't become a thing until this game becomes more popular.


  • Dreamnomad
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    I think there is a lot of potential for clans/guilds in this game.

  • MythicMikeneto
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    This would be a double edged sword for sure.

    People grouping together in clans or guilds for community and freindship is always great.

    The second competetiveness becomes involved it tend to go sour pretty quick. Guilds rejecting applicants for them 'not being good enough', rivalries that turn into full on feuds, and the biggest/elitest guild literally controlling the games versus competition (seen it happen first hand, twice). Not to mention 'guild drama'.

    Psychologically, guilds/clans are very similar to street gangs and include everything they bring to a community in the real world. As much as I want to beleive the MYM community wouldnt fall into the toxicity that comes from that, I doubt they would.

    I can already imagine:

    The 'Speed Runner group' formS first and any time somebody bad mouths 'speed running' they collectively block that person.

    Then the 'inch worm coalition' who ban together to group support an intiaitive to abandon any outpost that cant be taken slow.

    Let's not forget the 'builders only society' who would ban together to unify feedback to convince the devs to nerf raider gear and make traps 90% more lethal, driving away any possible lkayer growth.

    The implications of follower/sheep behavior plus group mentality is a perfect storm waiting to happen in this game. They only this preventing this proposed distopia is people maintaining individuality with personal identity (as opposed to being and individual in an organized collective)

    Respectfully, hard pass.