DBD + MYM Cross Promotion

I was having a conversation with my son yesterday about which guard from Meet Your Maker would make a good killer in Dead By Daylight. Cannonback would be hilarious but probably too difficult to balance. Assassin would be pretty amazing but thinking about it, Assassin would essentially be a cross between Wraith (cloaking) and Demogorgon (leap/dash attack). Why play Wraith if you can just play Wraith with a dash attack?

So thinking through the cast of guards, Warmonger seems to be the best bet. What would his power be? I don't know. He's generic enough that they could do any number of things. I would think his power could be named after one of the augments he has access to. Since BHVR owns both properties there is no reason they can't do this. A DBD map designed in the post apocalyptic world of MYM would be awesome. There are tons of textures and assets they can use from MYM.

As I mentioned before, Assassin from MYM and Wraith already have a ton in common. The cloaking power along with similar body types. They could make a legendary skin of Wraith that is the Assassin. Instead of the "bing bong" sound of Wraith's bell, they could use the high tech uncloaking sound of the Assassin. They could give Assassin a special mori which would be the survivor standing up only to have the Assassin uncloak behind him/her and do the dash attack from MYM through the survivor.

I was thinking a legendary skin of Nurse as the Hornet could work too. This one is admittedly more of a stretch though. Hornet doesn't blink around and Nurse doesn't fly. But Nurse does hover over the ground which is pretty much the same thing as flying low. They could also add some kind of blinking augment to Hornet in MYM to justify the blinking ability. Then it's just a matter of switching out Hornet's gun for a futuristic saw and you're set.

Done correctly and both IPs come out ahead (especially MYM). Hopefully something like this could inspire more DBD players to give MYM a chance.


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    I love the sound of this idea. I also think the Custodian would be a good killer candidate bcuz of the weapons, (just drop the ranged weapon and have the ability to set traps) plus, we'd have skins for the Custodian too. Not to copy trapper but, like what if you could set 3, (non OP), different kinds of traps like Impaler, Boltshot, and Iron Claw but, with a cooldown in between each and have add-ons for each as well as one that allows for 2nd wave traps when the gens get completed?

    However, seeing what they can do with the Warmonger would definitely be fun as well to see in DBD. Plus, it'd leave room for them to release another MYM Event going on in DBD again with the Genmats.

    Also, with that, what was with the blue and green Genmats in the last MYM Event if those aren't actually even in MYM? I've been wondering still ever since if they intended to do something different with the Genmats in MYM at some point.

    Could they possibly do something like increase the value of how much resources can be collected for faster depletion of Genmats depending on colors blue or green?

    Srry to include this unrelated thing about Genmats in your topic, you sparked a memory for me lol.

    Overall, I'd love to see a Killer chapter in DBD from MYM. Especially if it increases interest for MYM's population. That would be awesome.

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