Lunging at Guards/Traps while Bodyblocked Is So Frustrating

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I prefer to run a double melee build, but if you aren't too familiar with swords, I can briefly describe the issue with lunging + bodyblocking. Let's say you have a warmonger standing in front of an incinerator. You need to at least hit the warmonger once to access the incin. You approach the monger and lunge, but unfortunately your crosshair was actually on one pixel of the trap behind. In this scenario, your raider is locked into an animation for the full lunge sequence, you whiff guaranteed (even if you are nose to nose with the bodyblocking guard), and are left wide open to be killed by anything nearby. Brutal.

It would be amazing if the raider instead attacked whatever is bodyblocking them. The raider is right there, the swing animation happens, so why does nothing get hit? I get that lunges were broken when the game came out and you could melee stuff from several blocks away, but we've gone too far the other way. Guaranteed death just because your aim was a tiny bit off (I'm on controller) feels bad. Whiffing on something right in your face is frustrating. Please consider this QOL upgrade for what are already high risk weapons.


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    The bigger issue I have with swords is when I'm trying to destroy a death piston on a corner. Naturally there is going to be an incinerator behind the death piston so you don't want to fully expose yourself but when you go to break the death piston, you are locked in an animation that pulls you along the wall without destroying the death piston. It is extremely frustrating and happens consistently. But if a guard and trap are right next to each other, the melee weapon prioritizes the trap which will usually get you killed too. Bottom line is melee weapons need some fine tuning.