Impalers take too long to activate

I've noticed out of almost all the traps the impalers when they activate normally have a huge window of time to get out of the traps vicinity. I'd suggest that they replace the burning effect mod with a much faster reaction mod. I barely ever get killed by these traps let alone even be killed by rubbing against them when they're already extended. Same thing goes for when ppl raid my outposts. I've tried to put traps behind or around them to slow ppl down but everyone just runs right through them or notices them way to fast for them to even do anything.

What are some of the ways anyone else here has invented to get kills with those? I'm genuinely confused about how to get those to kill anyone.


  • Dreamnomad
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    I don't know. I feel like impalers are in a pretty good place. They have pretty much the same activation speed as a bolt trap and I don't think anyone would underestimate a bolt trap. I think the key to impalers and all traps for that matter, is in the placement. If you just slap an impaler on the corner of a hallway it isn't going to get any kills. Either the raider will run right past it or they will notice and destroy it before dying.

    I find the best place for impalers is as a support threat. If you have a kill zone and the raider runs to some area seeking safety, that is the best spot for an impaler. If they leave the spot then they are dead to all the other threats, and it is easy to miss an impaler when there are alerts and noise every direction. I especially like to put the explosion mod on such a trap so that even if they notice the impaler and react in time the explosion will get them. But using other threats or eye draws to distract the raider is going to get you the best results.

  • xIx_ZeNo_xIx
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    I definitely appreciate the fact you're like the only one who responds to my posts. Thank you for the advice I'ma try out some kill room ideas

  • Dreamnomad
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    No worries. The official forums aren't the most active place. I try to encourage people to post here but most players are on the discord and/or reddit. If you want more players to interact with about MYM then I'd recommend checking them out (but don't forget about this place).

  • MythicMikeneto
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    I have found great success in using impalers in a 'indirect' fashion.

    For the longest time impalers were the bane of my existence. I could clear a whole room and one leaving get shanked to a blind angle impaler.

    I have to side with Dreamnomad here, and say Impalers are fine.

    I often read complaints from builders that traps arent efficient enough to get raiders. I do think this is largely due to builders not intentioanlly aiming for dangerous or normal difficulty builds. Brutals are typically only raided by the highest skilled raiders or duos. A lone impaler (without big brain building techniques) are arguably one of the easiest traps to overcome. Low difficulty versus high skill equals underperformance.

    The advice I can offer (that is in the same vein as Dreamnomad's) is to distract the raider with a more active threat (like a guard or projectile) and let the impaler get them.

    I have had great sucess with this technique with impalers, usually on the ceiling with a down slope into a room with a live guard threats. Its really frigthening how well it works.

    Try these outpost for examples (by MythicMikeneto)

    Sisseton (Normal)

    Tigerton (Dangerous)

    Bear in mind thw difficulty rating on these and the type of raider that normally raids them.

    Best of luck in your builds!

  • chessethewasp
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    impalers are fine as long as you distract the raider with other traps or with lots of noisy props

  • Cyba_Zero
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    A well-placed impaler can be very effective. IMO they're slightly faster firing than a boltshot, plus the activation sound is quite soft and easy to miss. My most effective impalers are in places where I noticed raiders tend to naturally stop, incited pause-points due to other traps acting as distractions, favourite hiding corners in dangerous areas or as a secondary trap when raiders go to collect ammo. The first and third of these are best identified by watching raid replays to identify common patterns. They can also make handy insurance for pit-traps in case a raider tries to double-jump out, or finishers when coupled with claw-traps. (I also have this one where raiders get grabbed by the claw but manage to break it while being reeled in, only to fall on the other impaler instead, muhaha.)

  • LancerEcho
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    I tend to agree you can casually wander over them, but that's also why they're cheap.