New Round of Pantheon of Builders Winners!

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Congratulations to Facechild, DeathcoreTacos, A-Bucket, Ohm is Futile, MythicMikeneto! Great work guys. I'll run through them on social and give reviews later.

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    Ohm is Futile - Jenks

    I really enjoyed this outpost. High pressure with threats coming at you from every direction. Neat little shortcut exit at the end. All that and it looks really nice too.

    MythicMikeneto - Harvey

    This outpost strikes me more as an art sculpture than anything else. A striking combination of shapes and colors.

  • MythicMikeneto
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    It really was mainly art.

    This was built near the start of my mission to create sustained nornal content for new players.

    I shifted my focus from building the trap 'machine' then making the arcitecture fit it: to instead bhulding arcitecture and assing traps to it in a way that made sense.

    Shockingly many new players die multiple times (upwards of 7) in this build. It has allowed me to seee the extremely wide gap in raider skill. I recommend builders attempt to build sustained normals and watch the replays yo really understand how low the raid skills can go.

    Very interesting contrast to read your review of Ohm's build then mine. From that, I wouldnt assume you 'enjoyed' the raid experience of Harvey at all (this is to be expected from a higher tier/skilled raider). It is clear you apprciate it for the efforts I had put into building it. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

    I believe Harvey could be the 'poster child' for normal content. It often saddens me to see min/maxed builds in normal that take as much advantage as they can of the difficulty system to prey on new players.

    Seeing skilled raiders do normals is also sad to a lesser degree, because their 0 death will help keep the easy content in the normal tier and... well... it's solid entertainment to watch them get killed (even just once) by an outpost way below thier weightclass.

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    Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to throw shade at your outpost at all. It clearly wasn't intended to be difficult. I'm on board with building normal outposts that are built with the intention of catering to and inspiring newer players.

  • MythicMikeneto
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    For sure. I appreciate you taking the time to raid it.

    I was commenting more toward the vast majority of POB (and builds in general) are built with the full intention of 'challenging' a raider.

    When a builder scales that mission back to a target of less than 1 kill per raid (but still more than 0) the difficulty will be on par with Harvey.

    If a raider expects/desires a 'challenge' they will likely be unsatisfied/unchallenged by Harvey and other builds like it.