About the Sanctuarys of the Red Sands

As many may have noticed by now, our hubworld of the most Custodians is a Sanctuary that might be localised within the 'Red Sands' biome of the MYM world.

I've been wondering if in some future Sector or Mid Season update, we the community might recive the option to buy other infrastructure for our Sanctuarys themed around

'Dread Shore' 'Shattered Peaks' or the upcomming 'Decayed Hope', as they might add some very unecessary flavours to the few of us who like to see how other 'Sanctuarys' that may or may not Lorewise exist outside the boundiary of the 'Red Sands' look like.

I'd by no means expect these cosmetic refurbishes to be free of charge as they will need a ton of workeffort and thought put into them.

However i wanted the idea to be out there.

(not to state that BHVR probably didn't think of this yet, as MYM is a liveservice game it still might be a gambit to add such feature. To shame myself if I'd want to show some commitment to the idea i should probably also had some fan / conceptual art of this topic to showcase)


  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,562

    I think there are a lot of ways they could and should monetize this game. One of the lowest hanging fruits is to allow us to buy outpost capacity to increase the current limit of 200. That should hardly take any time/effort/money on their part. Skins for guards, traps, and HRV would be welcome additions too. Maybe a premium track for expeditions. Decorations for the home base would be cool too. It's like they are afraid of money. Give us the opportunity to support the game and we will.

  • Apotheon
    Apotheon Member Posts: 8

    It could also not about being scared here,

    as bringing more microtransactions into this games ecosystem might push players away in the grand scale of things seeing as it may become just yet another title bloated with them, so being delicate with keeping purchaseable content to 'the current standard of MYM' might be a fair choice of them.

  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,562

    As long as it is optional and doesn't affect game balance then I don't see the harm. If I could go into an Egyptian themed outpost and see Egyptian themed guards and traps then I would feel like it only improves the immersion in the game.