Rotate Exists, But Where's Flip?

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Please allow us to "flip" props, decals, etc. so that they can be rotated, but also mirror-reversed. While you're at it, allow us to change its size? I dunno, maybe?

EDIT: I wanted to also add that in edit/build mode you guys have yaw, pitch, positive, and negative roll. I think there was intention to have artifacts "flippable" when using terms like yaw, pitch, positive/negative...or maybe any case, why use 4 terms to describe how a 2-dimensional object, like a prop or decal, can be placed on a block? The 4 terms only apply to the 3 primary pieces (cube/slope/peak) but should apply to everything, since you have it as static text on-screen.

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    I don't know if there are technical limitations as to why this isn't done but assuming it doesn't cause a bunch of bugs or increase loading time significantly then I'm all for it. If they do implement a thing where you can scale the size of decals then I'd hope that they have default settings like 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%. That way if you wanted to increase say the size of the DBD scratch marks but you wanted to do it for an entire area, you would have a quick way to do it and have them be a consistent size. Going through and trying to increase the scale of 200 decals and have them be the approximate same size manually seems like a nightmare.

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    I am just going to say this now because I'll probably use it a lot in my examples; No Man's Sky did it with no issues. and it was done right out of the gate; no later release, or DLC, etc. And that game was FULL of bugs in the beginning. But it seems kind of silly to package a game without the concept of the Z axis...