Please remove the noise the Chimera makes when its ready to level up

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I have no interest in leveling up the chimera every single time i have the chance to, the animations take too much time and gives a currency thats worth nothing, so i constantly have to deal with this droning alarm noise whenever im in my base that drives me mad. I never have any interest in talking to the advisors becuase it means i have to stand around in my base and listen to this loud alarm constantly ringing in my ears. Please add an option to disable this noise so that i don't feel like breaking my headset whenever i come back from raid.


  • Polartest53
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    please ive said this in sector one and was just told to turn off my sounds lol.

    but for real. now that it offers no syinthite its just a waste of time im maxed on cells and parts and maxed on hardware i have nothing to spend those resources on but i have to listen to this thing go BRENG BRENG BRENG whenever im doing anything in the hub.

    i have no reason to level this thing up anymore please let me just turn it off. at least limit the sound to be just around the chimera since im never over there anyway it would be the same as removing it but its still there in case a reason ever come back to push the button and i forget thats where it is lol