Use Space to Right of Equipped Custodian Armor To Indicate Item Selected (LoadOut Screen)

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When I go into the loadout screen at the start of a raid, I often am not able to recall what mods are on me, but I also lose track of what biolinks I have on which suit, save for the more obvious icons of biolinks that LOOK like what they are; half the icons, if not more than half do not make sense to me and are not streamlined (I can tell because you devs constantly change them lol) since that keeps changing, please use the space to the right of the equipped suit in the loadout screen to indicate what is highlighted by the player, whether it be equipped Enchancements at the moment, hardware, weapon, etc. No one realizes how relevant+useful that would be if it existed, and then didn't!


  • Dreamnomad
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    If they did make such a change then I'd prefer it was toggleable option. I'm pretty happy with the current user interface. But I'm in favor of adding choices for those that want to use them.