Please option to auto-unequip enhancements

chessethewasp Member Posts: 7

I don't need enchaments unless its a base im having difficulty with. I have to take off the enhancements every single time i finish a raid using them or else i risk wasting them. Its very annoying to have to stop what im doing just to remove 3 things from my character everytime i finish a difficult map where i needed help completing it.


  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,560

    I really wish the default was to auto-unequip too. I would be much more inclined to actually use enhancements if I didn't worry about bringing them to future raids on accident. They can always add the option to keep equipped in the option menu for people that prefer it that way.

  • Mfunn
    Mfunn Member Posts: 2

    auto-unequip please