Why is the lag so bad?

punisher44 Member Posts: 3

I have to quit several maps due to lag when I grab genmat. It's so bad I can barely move and it seems it's tied to numerous traps activating at once. I also will get lag but not nearly as bad when a couple of traps or guards activate. This is ruining the game no amount of upgrades can help when 20 guards can walk through your shield and kill you as you stand their like a chump unable to move.


  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,560

    Welcome to the forums! What platform are you on? I haven't really had many issues on PS5 unless someone has gone absolutely nuts with second wave stuff.

  • punisher44
    punisher44 Member Posts: 3

    On PS4 but I get lag when just dealing with a few guards walking up to a fortress. I'm on wifi not hard wired 100 MB speed. The lag is awful sometimes and just annoying other times.