"Life Reaper, The All-Heart, or Lazarus Switch" Suit Biolink- Detonate When Killed

Marcus_Soul Member Posts: 25
edited December 2023 in Feedback

As the title suggests, the custodian detonates just like Dead Man's Switch Mod on guards. This would work well when a phoenix pod has been deployed and the mod takes effect, detonating after your death, taking out local threats instantly, be it guards, traps, or accidentally your buddy who's standing right beside you in Co-op. You then revive, with the threat at the point of where you died now neutralized allowing to move further to the goal.

With the camera moveable after you die, its function is enhanced by this suit upgrade in that you can continue watching what happens after you detonate to see whether it is safe to return to your body.

-A possible level 2 upgrade to this Mod/Biolink:

The explosion radius is larger, taking out more threats. (level one can be a 1 block radius in all directions, level 2 explosion can be 2 blocks.)

-Level 3 and Mastered Biolink:

Detonate at will, but you of course must start the raid all over again. if there is a phoenix pod out on the field, it is used up. Mastered Biolink can be swapped with another suits mastered slot.