QOL Request: HUD/Visual Indications When Fully Inside Flash Barrier

SAWII Member Posts: 49

Sometimes I get killed while inside a flash barrier and I wonder if it was because I was barely sticking out of the shield or if the barrier was not working properly. It would be nice if the HUD could indicate whether you're truly fully within the barrier or not. Similar to how the HUD changes when one uses a spike drive, a visual indication of protection would be neat.


  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,562

    As long as it isn't too distracting then I'm in favor of it. It usually isn't too hard to tell what happened though depending on what killed you. If it was a laser or flame or any other projectile (besides guard sticking barrel through barrier) then you must have been outside the barrier. If it was a dead mans switch guard then it wouldn't matter if you were in the barrier. If it was a guard at close range then it was likely sticking it's barrel through the barrier.