New Weapon: Filling the Gap Between Volt Lancer and Falconic Plasmabow

Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,562

So I was having a conversation on discord and it got me to thinking that there is a gap between the volt lancer and falconic plasmabow that should be filled. More ammo than volt lancer but less than plasmabow. Breaks traps, but doesn't break armor. As far as range, fire rate, etc, etc, those could all be balancing points so neither other weapon is obsolete. I think that would be a pretty popular weapon but keep game balance intact.


  • Polartest53
    Polartest53 Member Posts: 15

    this is an idea i had months ago when we had a lot more killboxes and they were much harder before the nautilus suit.

    a single shot gun that you don't need to collect ammo for but recharges in 2-1.5 seconds. and it will use the breaking damage type which is the one you described the fury sword has this type too. altho now that the loadstar is a thing this weapon suggestion would fit with that shield perfectly imo. and be the bane of all killboxes.