Anyone Else Notice That Duo Raiders Are More Stingy With Accolades?

I don't exactly have any hard data to back this claim up but it seems like duo raiders tend to be more stingy about handing out accolades. My theory on this is that the raiders don't want to hold each other up getting to the next raid and pass through the post game wrap up stuff quickly. Maybe it is all in my head though. What do you guys think?


  • Havanna124
    Havanna124 Member Posts: 1

    At The Havanna, we've noticed a curious trend among duo raiders—they seem a bit stingy with accolades. Could it be a rush to the next raid, leading to quick post-game wrap-ups? 🤔 Share your thoughts! Is it a strategic move or just a perception? Let's dive into the mysterious world of duo raid dynamics!

  • DerethDN
    DerethDN Member Posts: 1

    Yes, is a fact at least for me that co-op gives less accolades..I think is the fact that one player is expecting the other one to go to control room for start a new outpost so the "reflexion time" is somewhat affected. But I also had co-op giving accolades in minor % so is not a "all co-op". Just a rush for the friend effect.