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Just purchased the game, never been one to be a builder. Also Im older now so my flick wrist and APM are low. I also seem to have the memory of a gold fish as this game has pointed out. Also Im not maxed out on everything. Thats just for background.


  • I had to look up to really understand the currencies that play and spent my points haphazardly. I wish there was a bit more of an explanation for the currencies, and the different advisors you are leveling up. I walked through the whole tutorial and maybe I missed it but there needs to be an emphasis on it I think.

More Accolades:

  • Fun, Brutal, Artistic, Ingenious are good. But I would like a that was artistic, and one like holy ######### that was artistic. I wouldnt mind more tags that maybe arent accolades but hidden that can be set by raider or builder (kill box, maze, long, meta) just to name a few. I would probably double the accolades though and give people up to 3. Sometimes, a map really is just all 4 of them.
  • I also think it would be a cool idea to give accolades for raiders that raid through my base, Maybe like Ingenious, Twitch, Speed runner to name a few


  • I want to be able to download my own personal map replays to my computer, as in after I finish a map, or maybe not I wouldnt mind the ability to memorialize it on my computer. That goes for other replays from raiders. Im not sure why we cant just download other peoples runs on our bases.

Flexible Gear Customization

Next DLC (which I will buy for 20-25 dollars) I think maybe adding cosmetics and better character building. As an example:

  • You really could combine the swords into 1 melee weapon, and since you give 3 tiers of upgrades, just give the player agency to modify the sword how they want (based on the two swords and their total of 6 upgrades with two features). You could separate out the features even, and in turn would give more control. Could do this with any of the guns or other weapons.
  • I think the shields should be apart of the suit as part of a "charges" system.
  • Grenades should be modifiable, off the top of my head: sticky, proximity mines, or flash (doesnt set off a trap)
  • With the armors, which you do to a degree with the master trait swapping (I personally still have not gotten that high yet.)

Random Thoughts:

  • The cluster bomb trait should be an upgrade to weapons, especially grenade launcher as it should reward direct hits with something that has to get lobbed.
  • I think when certain maps really do embody fun, challenge (easy for anyone to do with me when I will die 40+ times to finish a 4-5 skull brutal), they should be hall of famed, and on completion leveraging the buff system unlock more cosmetics for the player.
  • I dislike kill rooms, or the really long ones. That's just a preference.
    • I understand there was once builder verification, which gets tedious if you want to make small changes, so I am unsure of a solution but I think that a combination of Harvey and Builder Validation might be in order. Maybe it might bring some sanity to the unfun maps? I dont know. Its hard really to balance when you have some really good people zip lining through the whole base. So Ill leave this specific one as just an idea.
    • I really would like the idea of searching for specific maps that are fun. The ones that I enjoy are cool art, fun gameplay.. which kind of leads into a second point

Anyways, in closing, these are just some of my opinions, game design is hard, and not everyone will share my thoughts or my skill level (low). A lot of these players are good. Some are masochistic, and some are sadistic :) Enjoying the game, and hopefully will get to see more stuff expanding on it. I kind of envision a WoW Mage Tower (go through the levels, unlocking sweet cosmetics or other things), a bit more social (this sucks doing it alone), to where you can get to a doom like level that can be raided by an actual party of 4. Skies the limit :D

P.S. If you guys have the chance, upgrade to UE5. Thats a large endeavor but it might pay dividends later on for workflow/pipeline especially with nanite and the engine always getting upgraded so you dont have to do it. <3 And thank you for reading.


  • Dreamnomad
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    There is a learning curve to this game that has some pain points. I put together this guide if you haven't read it yet, hopefully there is some stuff in there you find useful. (I can't post a link to the guide, it's on the general page)

    Some of your ideas I really like, some less so. I like the idea of adding onto the accolade system. I like the idea of raider accolades. I like the idea of builder tags.

    I'm not a big fan of the idea of breaking down the sword or ranged weapons into components and letting the raider just customize their stuff. A couple reasons why, for one there are plenty of players that like dual wielding swords, guns, or shields. If you use two swords then you get all the benefits of both. Also, each weapon has their own identity and lore and stuff. I don't really care about the lore personally, but some people do. That also feels like it really limits the devs from creating new content.

    If you haven't already done so then I would encourage you to join the MYM discord. It is far more active than the forums. Not that I'm trying to discourage you from posting here or anything. But I know it can be frustrating posting on these forums and barely getting any replies.