New Biome Has a Bedrock Issue...

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The new biome has background scenery/ environmental scenery (like the pistons that light up under the grates within the bedrock, the red pipes, etc) which causes an issue with the player. it appears this specific environmental scenery makes it impossible just to walk over as you move the raider/build camera. When in building mode my camera cannot even pass over it automatically the way it passes over similiar scenery in other biomes.

But most importantly, this happens when I build and set guards near this problem:

Notice how when I return to test mode I STILL have to make my character jump over the grates edge just to test the warmongers ability to reach me. He does not have any mods except plate as you saw. He cannot reach me due to not having knees that work. (perhaps Metamorph will send a letter to HR requesting the need to add knees to sub clones so they can, you know. Jump.

EDIT: So interesting what happens when I try and set a guard right on the environmental scenery in question. The game crashes!

Guys this is so bad...

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