Thoughts on the Lodestar Shield?

Caustix Member Posts: 6

I do not know about the community opinions on this defense item in general but I personally think that the Lodestar shield is a niche but excellently designed weapons. what I wanted in a defense weapon, to me it's versatility (and more often than not flaws) make this defense item my personal favorite item to run on most bases. I have been getting into melee build and this is an excellent pairing for the Sledgeblade as it's paring allows the Lodestar to block oncoming projectiles while you focus on slashing down another target/trap essentially allowing you to do two things at once.

But what is the community consensus about this strange new defense weapon?


  • Dreamnomad
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    Not a huge fan personally. I don't have a problem with it conceptually but I've found it lacking in practice. Like the grapple thing is supposed to be a benefit but it usually just screws the raider up. I don't care for the limited protection either. I get that you can attack while being shields up. But in practice, I just find myself being far more vulnerable. In theory, the shield duration is longer and the refresh is faster than arc barrier. But in practice, if you are using the nautilus biolinks, then you actually have a smaller window of vulnerability with arc barrier since it refreshes while being active. At the end of the day, I just find it far more narrow in use compared to arc barrier. But that is just my opinion. Not everything is going to be everyone's jam. I'm glad there are people out there using it.