MYM Sector concepts!

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It's that time again!

It's the time where I (Caustix) decides to create more concepts pertaining to the world of Meet Your Maker. This time, I have some ideas of sectors, expanding on this apocalyptic wasteland that could be implemented and blended into the game itself.

Volcanic Dead-Zone:

The area of the Volcanic Dead-Zone reeks of sulfur as the once lush environment has been charred away with an ashen landscape littered with volcanic vents and petrified trees. The old world, dying of the Corrugenic Virus made a desperate attempt to harvest the derelict land for thermal energy due to the lack of workers in nuclear powerplants, where flame-retardant abandoned structures lay slowly melting by the molten, rocky landscape.

Thunder Plains (I cannot think of a better name)

The Thunder Plains are an area riddled with darkness of caustic clouds filled with acidic rain and smog that are stuck in a weather pattern that keeps the volatile clouds locked in that area. The sun, has been completely blocked by these clouds and the dead land is shrouded in darkness, the darkness illuminated by intense heat lightning surrounding the area. The ground littered with old world farming equipment and structures, highly corroded and occasionally bombarded with the heat lightning. The grass has taken a sickly yellow, blowing around in the intense wind, softened by the acidic smog, yet unable to be broken down by microbes and only get pulled away when the wind is intense enough to do so.

Concrete Jungle

The Concrete Jungle is the remnants of busy civilizations who built cities that could touch the clouds. These buildings nowadays barely resemble what they once were, with rubble and ancient bodies pouring onto the streets, where distinct blends of vibrant colors were have since faded into desaturated dereliction, where vendors of food and basic amenities have since fallen to disrepair. The buildings, which are grand in scale have since laid abandoned by both flora and fauna, even chimeras avoid these zones due to the vast nothingness that encompasses them, ones that have traveled to these places in the past have only looked for vain senses of salvation in the rubble, only to meet their end after their futile struggle with the rough terrain.

Closing Statement

Overall, this writing exercise of mine demonstrated the vastness and versatility of the unique world of Meet your Maker, feel free to comment, discussing ideas or even crafting your own ideas of sectors for Meet your Maker, until next time though,

Caustix Signing out!


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    I think it if this game goes on long enough that it is inevitable that we get a volcanic region. It's just going to happen. How could it not? I'm down for all your other locations too. What I want is a region that has either radioactive glass or gems or something so they have an excuse to give us semi-translucent glowing blocks. That way us builders have an option for decorating cool looking stuff without wasting tons of budget on hardened and/or opaque corrosive cubes all the time. Just give me a block that looks like a hardened CC but make it different enough that no one could possibly get confused about it being a trap. Like a radioactive emerald block or something. That is what I want more than anything.