Failure to Launch

Marcus_Soul Member Posts: 25

This death is an interesting death. And one I have experienced multiple times. I was trying to hookshot wayyy above the corrosive cube near the ceiling to see what was in the room above and to the left. imagine to my dismay, as I fire my hookshot expecting a tether to fire from my left hand, and begin reeling me in towards my intended direction, it doesn't. Nothing fires, and I just simply fall.

Those corrosive cubes were placed there, with a 99% chance (IMO) they were not meant to kill raiders in the way they killed me, "but hey, it still got me, so good on ya!"

So what DID actually kill me? the corrosive cubes, which were unknowingly part of an elaborate (or very simple) design inexplicably part of that sequence of events? the hookshot that failed to launch? or some other reason I am not seeing?

-The conspiracy theorist in me says when firing your hookshot over corrosive cubes, the hookshot's grapple capabilities have an increased chance of mis-firing, causing the raider to inexplicably fall to their doom and for all intents purposes appear to everyone as a fair and square trap success. or that maybe I was at the wrong place at the wrong time when my hookshot failed to launch? If so, why, again, does this mechanic exist?

-The patient person in me says, no Marcus, the hookshot has a mechanic that at times, when fired may not actually shoot a tether, but rather has a behavior (haha) or mechanic that sometimes, a hookshot, might just shoot a blank at times. You just dont know how that mechanic works.

I insist on anyone able to help shed light on this, please, enlighten me.