An empty hole.

Simic_1990 Member Posts: 2

Has there been any discussions on giving us an empty plot to build in? not one with bedrock in it? i would be nice if everyone was given one base that just had nothing in it, where we could freely build what ever we wanted to. could be a great testing grounds or lead to some really artistic stuff.


  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,562

    I wouldn't be opposed to such a thing but no, there hasn't been any talk about such a thing nor is it very likely. If you buy enough plots you will find some pretty flat ones or ones with big holes and relatively small amounts of bedrock. But there will always be some bedrock. Don't forget that you always have the option to re-roll what plots are available to buy for 75 synthite. If you are looking for something specific then that is the way to go. Obviously you won't know what the bedrock is like until you load the outpost though.