You Tell Me.

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Once you're done laughing, I need some honest, gamer feedback on this. Watch the video. As you can see, I have collected the genmat already. Your input is ANONYMOUS, so I will not know who voted for which, only the totals.

You Tell Me. 6 votes

The Game Should Have Registered My Phoenix Pod Deployment, and Therefore Should Have Respawned Me Where it Landed, Despite My Death
16% 1 vote
I Should Still Restart from The Beginning Because I Threw My Phoenix Pod Too Late.
83% 5 votes
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    You threw the phoenix pod before dying but you were dead before it hit the ground and deployed.

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    I've been trying to think of a real world analogy appropriate to the video and I think I've got it. Let's say your boss at work tells you "I want this project done and on my desk by 3pm Friday". You finish the project and put it in the interoffice mail by 3pm on Friday. Do you think your boss will accept "it was in the mail by 3pm Friday" as meeting his or her criteria of "on their desk by 3pm Friday"?