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Everyone gets a little twisted around raiding once in a while. But watching replays it has become apparent that a lot of players don't know some fundamental techniques to find their way through outposts. The easiest solution is to just use the pathfinder biolink. But not everyone has it unlocked so let me share a simple tip.

When the HRV travels to the gen mat you can notice a dark colored slot on its back side. When the HRV collects the gen mat, you can actually see this slot filling up. When the HRV returns to drop off the collected gen mat, the back slot is full and will glow red. If you are lost and you see the HRV it is important to know if it is on its way to collect gen mat or drop it off and that is how you can tell.

But what if you are on your way to the gen mat and you run into the HRV and it is already full of gen mat and is currently exiting the outpost? Do you just follow it all the way out and back in? That is what I see an enormous number of times in replays. But if you purposely stand in the HRV's path and block it from moving for a few seconds, the HRV will turn around! No need to follow it all the way out and back in. This alone will save you quite a bit of time.

The other most frustrating thing I see is players that don't seem to understand how the HRV path works. If you are lost and you are trying to figure your way around then try to find a part of the HRV path that you know you've seen the HRV travel on. If you are walking on what you suspect is the HRV path and you run into a dead end then don't start grappling or jumping around. The HRV is not equipped with a grappler nor can it jump. You will only make yourself more lost using these travel tools. Instead, walk back the way you came and try a different valid HRV path. You will eliminate incorrect paths and find the true path much faster this way.

If you are really lost then just go back to the start and wait for the HRV. If the HRV is dead then it is probably faster to either die and reset and be more careful to keep the HRV alive, equip the pathfinder perk, or just abandon the outpost altogether than just wandering around aimlessly for a frustrating amount of time.