Time....Timed Mode? Time Can Also be a Metric?

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I read a post somewhere about how Meet Your Maker devs and, overall, in general, Behavior has no respect for our time (and I hope I am using that in the right context), but it's true. Like literally I am on this game 24/7 even on my breaks and my lunch.

I got to thinking...time. would it not be cool to have a timed mode for outposts? and instead of always seeing the objective the same thing popping up in the upper left corner as we start on an outpost (Steal the Genmat), we would see a new mode objective, something like a Timed Infiltration. Timed mode of course would require the raider to have already completed the outpost first, that way 1) they know where to go, just gotta do it now faster and 2) allows MyM devs to reuse raided outposts (those that are still standing, that is, and set to active and finally 3) Timed Mode would behave similar to the Crash Bandicoot games where the time in which you complete the outpost determines the reward: the lower range (say 1 minute and 30 seconds or less qualifies a silver trophy) mid range, or average is 1 minute or less and earns a gold trophy, or less than 30 seconds warrants the highly coveted platinum trophy. rewards could be the typical ones seen already in the game, including cosmetics, weapon skins, etc., or can be traded in for synthetic, parts, or cells. also since the game has transitioned into an expedition format, Timed Mode for an outpost is an "get them while you can" scenario because once the raider completes all of the objectives on the expedition map, it disappears and is replaced by a new one; so the Timed Mode for all of the previously completed outposts are no longer accessible.

Edit: Forgot to mention this. Time itself can also become a metric when considering rewards at the conclusion of a successful raid. In other words, the amount of time it takes a raider to complete the raid is weighed together with how much destruction the raider caused, resulting in the two numbers being averaged. The longer a raider spends inside of an outpost while ALSO causing as much destruction as possible yields a higher reward than a raider who spent less time causing the same amount of destruction, or a raider spending less time in the outpost and not causing as much destruction. You get the gist here, the point is, if you didn't intend to turn your outpost into a parkour challenge (I'm looking at you speedrunners) or a snail race (I'm looking at you, overly cautious, peek-around-the-corner, boring to watch replay raiders) adding the time metric would certainly mix up the point value system and make speed runners think twice about rushing ahead, and slow movers a purpose to move with purpose.

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    I see what you are going for here and there is some potential. But I do see some flaws as well. When you have a game that has essentially infinite levels to play (since players make the content at a faster rate than a player can consume the content) what is the motivation to make players repeat the same levels they have cleared? Would that not mean less players playing new content? There is already arguable too foo replays on brutal and dangerous outposts.

    With that said, I do think it would be cool if when a player loads in there would be a screen to see how fast other players have completed the raid you are currently attempting. Perhaps that would just further encourage speed running though. So maybe this is an option that should only appear in social raids.