Social Raiding 2.0 Suggestions

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I love what they have done with social raiding changes. I do have quite a few suggestions. I've asked for this on a number of occasions, but now more than ever, I want to be able to favorite builders. I think that should be the top category displayed on social. Favorite builders. Then I want different ways to prioritize which ones are displayed such as "most recently updated", "difficulty high to low", "difficulty low to high", "most accolades", etc.

One of the things I want displayed when looking at outposts is "average clear time". I want to have an idea how much time I can expect to spend on a social raid.

I think there is also a major issue with the discrepancy in likes/accolades given in normal, dangerous, and brutal outposts. You'll notice almost all the top displayed outposts in terms of most likes, most of a given accolade, etc are all one to half skull outposts. The reason is obvious. Normal raids get an insane number of raids compared to the higher difficulty outposts. So this is what I recommend.

For each of the various categories it should be displayed as sequence. Normal, dangerous, brutal, repeat. So for example in the category "most likes this week", the first outpost displayed would be the most likes normal difficulty, the second outpost displayed would be the most likes earned at dangerous difficulty, the third outpost displayed would be the most likes earned at brutal difficulty, and then the sequence would start over at normal. This way dangerous and brutal outposts would be displayed on the default page too.

I want a lot more tag options. Some recommendations are (credit to Baldusaur for some of them):

  • Exploration
  • Puzzle
  • Minigame
  • HRV Invalid
  • Killbox
  • 2nd Wave
  • Linear
  • Non-Linear
  • Unique
  • Long
  • Medium
  • Short

The last thing I want is probably controversial. But I think a certain amount of resources need to be rewarded to players for social raiding. I don't think it should be anywhere near as close to what players get for expeditions. But players still need resources to buy/prestige/reset outposts and upgrade their stuff. And time is a limited resource. So I make the following recommendations.

One - raiders should be able to collect resources from breaking tombs in social. Players can only break a tomb once so this is hardly exploitable. Two - A limited amount of parts/synthite should be awarded upon completing a social raid. I think a reasonable amount is 10 parts and 10 synthite per minute spent in the social raid up to a maximum of 10 minutes. So if a player clears a social raid and it takes them 10 minutes then they'd get a whopping 100 parts and synthite plus whatever they got from breaking the tombs. That seems fair but impossible to exploit. I'm fine with hardware being consumed in social raids in exchange.


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    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,560

    One other thing I want to address is that the tag for "Art" is too broad. I would like it if art is chosen, for a pop up subcategory option to be available. Something like:


    • General (default)
    • Silly
    • Pixel
    • Abstract
    • Human
    • Monster
    • Animal
    • Castle
    • Town
    • Fort
    • Cube
    • Space
    • Spaceship
    • Forest
    • Nature
    • Mountain

    etc, etc. Whatever the most commonly type themed outposts people build. Adding all of these tags independently would take up too much space. But making a sub menu for the art category would solve that problem.