Are you actually excited for Meet Your Maker?

I am. I'm really hoping it'll be fun, but I sent the trailer to some friends and their reaction was basically cautiously optimistic.

What's your impression? Honestly?


  • Hugo
    Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 142

    I am excited about it, but as with all things in life always be skeptical about things, yeah BHvr does have a successful game, namely DBD, but they also had Deathgarden: Bloodharvest which failed horrendously, I also loved to play Deathgarden but as it was lacking in backing it slowly died.

    So yeah BHvr does have the potential to create great games, maybe even greater than dbd, but for that to happen they have to embrace their faults and fix them. Like there is a trailer from early/mid august and now a trailer from the game awards. But as literally, no one is talking about the game, outside of the dbd community it is hard to believe that there will be enough hype surrounding it when launched, which might lead to not enough players that buy the game.

    Now Hype can also be harmful as expectations would skyrocket, to a point where no studio could deliver (see Cyberpunk and New World), so it would be important that hype is generated outside of the limited dbd community but also have it in moderation so people don't over hype it.

    Ultimately, it will depend on BHvr how they want to do things, but I hope this game will succeed.

  • AshInTheTallGrass
    AshInTheTallGrass Member Posts: 1,635

    Wow. That's an excellent point. I'm not really on social media, so I wasn't aware of the lack of chatter outside of the DBD community. They truly do have to have a great marketing campaign to draw in different fans. Maybe giveaways with big-time Twitch streamers who aren't (or aren't just) DBD players. But yes, even if it's a great game, it unfortunately won't matter if not enough people are aware of it. You need a great game and exposure. But as you also said, it can be so hyped that it quickly fizzles. I'm hoping it's great and that they market it smartly. Thanks for the reply!

  • TeabaggingGhostface
    TeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 3,108

    Is there a hat?

  • BloodyNooby
    BloodyNooby Member Posts: 1

    When does open beta starts? I have holidays soon and want to play really bad!!!

  • hastarkis
    hastarkis Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 580

    I am excited. But all my friends are like "meh, not my cup of tea" and that makes me sad :c

  • burnettakam80
    burnettakam80 Alpha Surveyor Posts: 5

    I think they need to embrace the streaming community, it's perfect for Twitch. If it catches on among streamers, it'll be a huge hit.

  • Chrono13
    Chrono13 Alpha Surveyor Posts: 3

    That frequently backfires for games as it often can lead to game changes based off the .001% rather than the community as a whole.

    Some kind of twitch integration sounds like it could be fun, but it rarely pays off for games and the feature is usually abandoned. It's simply too much resource commitment for very little payoff.

  • Kharel
    Kharel Alpha Surveyor Posts: 21

    Adding streaming integration features is expensive and time-consuming, and takes dev time away from feature improvements. Simply paying a few high-profile streamers to stream your game for an evening, however, is fairly cost-effective. Doing a sponsored stream with a moderately-popular streamer who tends to play somewhat similar games, such as CohhCarnage as an example, would be a fairly effective way of spreading the word I'd think.

  • burnettakam80
    burnettakam80 Alpha Surveyor Posts: 5

    This is more along the lines of what I meant. More about promoting and putting it in front of people's eyes, not integrating actual streaming features.

  • Rawmato
    Rawmato Alpha Surveyor Posts: 9

    I am so excited cannot wait to start playing!

  • TrueGuardian32
    TrueGuardian32 Member Posts: 132

    I am excited, especially after seeing the changes from beta.

  • FlamingZelda
    FlamingZelda Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 11

    I think the game awards trailer was too ambiguous and generic for most people (is it a doom knockoff, another zombie game, another dystopian shooter?) But i'm hoping it will be a sleeper hit.

  • AshInTheTallGrass
    AshInTheTallGrass Member Posts: 1,635

    Good point. My friends were saying something similar. What, exactly, type of game is this going to be?

  • Rookie1978
    Rookie1978 Member Posts: 75

    I don't know if it'll get as big as DBD because DBD is the perfect storm of generic unending gameplay loops and streamer bait, but MYM is a really fresh concept and my impressions are very hopeful. The developers seem as excited as the community to see this game grow, and I really hope the work and time they put into this is reflected in it's growth and popularity. I was surprised at the stability and polish in the closed gameplay alone and I'm super hopeful, completely unapologetically riding the hype train.

  • Rookie1978
    Rookie1978 Member Posts: 75

    I just typed up a whole comment about how hopeful I am for this game's future before it was randomly deleted after a bug with posting the comment, so I'll just leave a nutshell version here. The game is really good, surprised at the stability in the closed playtest, very hopeful & excited for the game's future, I have a lot of trust in the devs and this game's ability to foster a unique and niche community.

  • AshInTheTallGrass
    AshInTheTallGrass Member Posts: 1,635

    Ahhh you did the closed play test? That's great! I'm glad you commented that feedback. Sucks about your original comment going away.

  • Reinami
    Reinami Member Posts: 4,575
    edited February 2023

    These types of games usually have a problem where either:

    A: The monetization makes the building unfun so they can make more money

    B: A meta develops for base building that is basically unstoppable or just flat out unfun/time consuming to go against making the game completely boring.

  • AshInTheTallGrass
    AshInTheTallGrass Member Posts: 1,635

    Yikes. I don't play many games so I didn't know that. Hopefully, BHVR didn't go that route.

  • Reinami
    Reinami Member Posts: 4,575

    I'm hoping they solve these problems, as i like the idea of this kind of game, it's just i haven't seen one pull it off yet.

  • Pumpkinbros
    Pumpkinbros Member Posts: 424

    This is so very clearly gonna do way better than flippin misfits, also I still have hope for flippin misfits, and I wanna see a revival of it, cause I literally wanted to play it but couldn't because no one was playing it, the genmat in dbd right now really kinda explains how the game will work perfectly, when I first saw it I just thought it was gonna be some sort of resource you find in the game, but to find out its the end goal of each level, just seems so fun to me, can't wait for its release

  • Hodderfodder
    Hodderfodder Member Posts: 164

    I am excited and have no doubts.

  • Lastpenfighter
    Lastpenfighter Member Posts: 18

    I, for one, have been clearing out some of the games in my backlog and am preparing to completely obsess over this game.

    As far as other people, well some have mentioned the term "sleeper hit" and I feel that applies here. A lot of smaller, independent titles that I've played recently have done extremely well on little more than word of mouth and community engagement. Satisfactory, Valheim, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, and Deep Rock Galactic are some games that show a solid community can do wonders toward financial success.

    That in mind, BHVR has created a fun, satisfying gameplay loop around two distinct roles and thus has wide appeal for different kinds of gamers. If the devs engage well with the community and keep balancing the game well I think the player base will steadily grow as more people create content, talk about it on social media, and of course encourage their friends to play with them.

  • AshInTheTallGrass
    AshInTheTallGrass Member Posts: 1,635

    I hope so! DBD is by far their most successful game, so it would be nice to see them create something different that has that same long-term magic and appeal.

  • Phasmamain
    Phasmamain Member Posts: 11,488

    I’m optimistic but also worried because this game’s success will hinge solely on its community pretty much since they make the content