LORE, yeah that's right LORE

Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 142

So I was thinking of a way that would be interesting to give us at least the backstory of the main character, us, the advisors, and the Chimera. And the solution I came up with is not too bad I think. DBDs tomes are fine but just way too grindy for some people.

Make it so that after hitting a certain player level maybe every 10 or 25 levels you unlock a part of the backstory to the custodian and slowly introduce us to who we are and what we are.

As for the advisers and the chimera, they all seem to have their own levels as well, as I showed in the post for what we know before the open beta starts. The same can be done here. After certain character levels, you slowly unlock the history of those characters.

Of course, there are a lot more things to create a back story on, for example, how did the genetic disease come into creation? Those could be made in notes that maybe are found in a campaign setting.

Yeah, I would love to see a campaign that tells a story where you go through outposts that weren't created by other players but also clearly breach the limitation of what players can build.

Those are just a few things that would be giving meaning to playing the game. It maybe would even help retain the retention of players. As I could see how the gameplay loop of just raiding and building could get boring if there was nothing to do besides getting more genmat.

Let me know what you guys think. And maybe you also have other Ideas that would help the game stay alive as long as possible. I am always interested in what other people think is a good addition to games even if they aren't there at release, it might help the game design team get a grab on what the community thinks. And yeah maybe I am just an Idiot that has no idea what he is talking about, but that is why I try to engage the community in conversations.