Let's talk about the Official Beta release trailer

Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 142

Okay first of all it is short and shows many things, which is in my opinion good. Now, why are there two identical-looking traps?

Is it a bug in the system or are those maybe traps that look the same but behave differently?

I would love it to be the second but let's be honest it probably is a bug. Oh, but the UI for tab selection looks good and simple.

Btw the things here seem to be the remnants of the explosive spheres.

It looks like a visual glitch if you pause right when they explode but I don't think it is one

Look here this detail is cool it seems like after impacting on the arc barrier or what they called it in their live stream in august, there are little ripples after turning back from the yellow color.

Oh also look at this little cute thing which is probably the chimera.

There isn't much to talk about, but I thought let's just get a new post going here so that it isn't as desolate as the wasteland of meet your maker.