Adviser Boosts from what we know of the Closed Playtest

Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 142

There are five of them, Armor Adviser, Weapons Adviser, Hardware Adviser, Traps Adviser, and last but not least the Guards Adviser.

Now Adviser Boosts can be acquired by going to the corresponding adviser and paying them with Chimera Points. There are two types of advisers in terms of active time. There are the ones that go on for a long time but might have not the best bonuses and then there are those who have a short time but might have better bonuses.

At level 100 the long adviser boosts will be up for 24 hours or one day while the short adviser boosts will be only ~8 hours. With a higher adviser level only came a longer active time.

The Boosts effects could be enhanced by going with a higher tier boost. There were three tiers each costing more chimera points than the previous.

Now I will go over the advisers one by one and tell you what their boosts do.

Weapon Adviser:

I think this boost gave you more genmat from successfully escaping with it. At the time it was so low that generally if you didn't raid 100 brutal outposts it would not be worth getting.

Open beta one:

Hardware Adviser: (Level 100, 8 hours 30 Minutes)

Raid: There is a small chance that used hardware is not consumed.

Crafting: There is a small chance that when the hardware is crafted Parts are not consumed.

Open beta one:

Suit Adviser:

Map Intel, you get based on which tier of boost you will get more detailed Information about the map, like most used traps, HRV path length, and amount of Guards and Traps placed.

Open Beta description:

Traps Adviser:

Reduces the cost to buy burial sites aka outpost maps where you can build on them. There was a second effect but I am not sure what it was, maybe the amount of Synthite earned by killing raiders?

Open Beta One:

Guard Adviser: (Level 100, 24 hours)

Defense: Increases the amount of prestige points earned. Increases the chance Parts are dropped

Open Beta one:

P.S. I have become so bad since the closed playtest.


  • Hugo
    Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 142

    Also, I think some of them got nerfed overall. Yeah not all of them cost chimera points anymore but I am still not sure how I feel about the boost changes

  • mischiefmanaged
    mischiefmanaged Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 372

    They seem to have also replaced the name chimera points with cells. Although, the help descriptions still say things like "costs cells".

    I will say the prices seem more reasonable to me and using resources other than chimera points means I'll probably use them more.

  • Hugo
    Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 142

    Oh, interesting I didn't notice that it is called cells. And yeah it is also more reasonable from the price point of view.