Current base meta

It seems kinda like this is the objectively best base design. You can't shoot everyone because of limited ammo (not to mention bullet drop makes it hard to aim far), you can't grapple and kill people because there are too many projectiles, same reason you can't just run up it. Am i missing some counter?

The one disadvantage to it is that it sucks hard and is super unfun, but idk how to use that against it.


  • RaNdOmKiLs666
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    Haha, good one.

  • FlamingZelda
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    I take it you played my first base. You even start in the bottom left in my design XD

    EDIT: The uncanny resemblance to my outpost aside, if something is unfun people won't give it accolades (except maybe "brutal"). The other method of gaining prestige is kills. But if a certain outpost style is easily recognizable and not fun then players will opt to quit out instead of giving resources and prestige to that level creator.

  • konchok
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    You've simply described one type of base. It's strong, but there's not a meta after one day of base building and I'd hardly say that's the best design.

  • MetalCrow
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    That's a good point, the strongest counter is probably just to refuse to play it, and thus not give it deaths or accolades. Good call! Still though, would be nice to have a way to actually beat this concept.

  • Pepsidot
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    Yea... I think me and my brother had the wrong impressions when building our first outpost - by making it too painful to play. It's a huge maze and difficult to traverse. You also have to go all the way around the back of the outpost to find the entrance.

    I suppose we thought at the time, it was a really good outpost if no one could defeat it/could be bothered to keep running to the entrance every time they died...

    😬 oops

  • 2lagged2frag
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    I think the builder should have to be able to complete their level and collect all Tombs to verify the base before it can go active.

  • clownkrieger
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    Being able to build a fun and challenging oupost and being able to complete that outpost are 2 different things - im an old turd and have no reflexes anymore, but am pretty good at building and setting up interesting traps i would say. But yea, i couldnt finish some of my designs myself honestly (others can though, deathless even, and i am having a blast seeing them play my stuff). If that becomes a rule im locked out of the game.

    All tombs in my maps are always accessible btw, i actually build my bases around them as cornerstones.

  • Ggjustice
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    Currently Raiders are stronger than the Builders so no matter what base it is you can do it(which is how it should be). You just need the right loadout.

  • AetherBytes
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    I've defeated these before. Best way is just grapple spam to it.

  • Viktoriusiii
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    An accolade "unfun" would be great if you abandon the map.

    If a map gets a large portion of "unfun" accolades, it gets demoted until you delete all blocks and start from scratch.

  • oppie
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    Just because people are having skill issues on maps doesn't mean the creator needs to be punished. I've had people die 20 times and take 30 minutes to complete my "brutal" map, while others have died twice and done it sub 5.

    Watching the reviews it's a definite skill issue and I would be heavily disappointed if I were to be penalized for another players lack of adaptability.

  • oppie
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    Idk how to edit to include another quote but this was one of the solutions to my brutal map haha. Even then it wasn't always a first try grapple run but raiders were smart enough to eat a second of corrosive and zip through my kill hall

  • Viktoriusiii
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    and yet, they stayed.

    A fun brutal map will normally be completed and given "fun & brutal". Un unfun map is what needs to be disincentivised. If players play more than 2 minutes, oyur map isn't unfun. Trust me.

  • oppie
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    Not denying my map isn't fun but there has been one or two that I haven't been able to complete that were still fun if my loadout permitted the challenge. Still doesn't mean the creator should be penalized because I couldn't get their core /shrug

    For context the map was a giant enclosed ramp leading to a pathed corridor of corrosive double stacked cubes. Kill box at the end that I could disable the second wave traps with a well timed grenade, but the kicker was the AI being routed off the ledge after I grabbed the core above the corridor and detonating off their dead man's switch essentially creating a 25 tile long explosive hallway with a mauler or whatever the larger guys are at the back, followed by an arrow volley.

    Brutal? Yes. Fun? Yes. Did I die 15 times before ultimately deciding that I was not equipped for it? Yes. Did I consider after the first death of just quitting? Yes.

    I don't think there should be any penalties unless the creator is blatantly being toxic (which is a hard subject to determine as is,, being the objective is to *kill* raiders as much as you can) or if for some reason they decide to completely wall off a tomb.

  • Viktoriusiii
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    I guess you misunderstood me.

    The negative feedback should be OPTIONAL if you quit, not automaticially as soon as you quit.

    Kind of like "did you have fun or do you never want to see this map again?"

  • clownkrieger
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    If the system works as intended and i understand it right leaving it without accolades and abandoning it should actually work like a "downvote" already anyways.

    And yea, the skillgap between players is high and what is near an exploit for some might be ingenius in the eyes of others. Still, if the system works the community as a whole has influence on what maps can be prestiged and stay in the pool.

    I agree with you though that many players will still vote "fun" and "brutal", even some of those that are not able to complete. After all they were the ones that selected an outpost from the "brutal" category... Only the fewest seemed to be really pissed and left my harder outposts uncompleted without accolades (and actually most of those have been tryhard speedrunners that had not really the skill for that).

  • chezpizza
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    Sword, shield, and bubble shield drops then grapple like hell regardless if the map is vertical or horizontal.

    You still die a few times but once you get the timing right these maps become a little more straight-forward.